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  1. Hello. Tell me please, What functions do I need to intercept to manipulate functions that load information from img containers and convert them into engine objects (GTA SA). I understood the Streaming system, but it only sends requests. I looked through a lot of MTA source code, but I did not find it suitable. I came to the conclusion that the developers probably did not intercept them, or I did not find them. I would be very grateful if someone could help) I'm sorry for google translate.
  2. How to align text in editbox to center? Thank you for answers)
  3. This is work fine, but how i use images then they become turbid
  4. Thank you. I already figured out) I had to give up (relative = true ) and use the actual size of the images, without stretching and decreasing.
  5. When pictures try to draw, it's clear that the turbidity. I do not use relativ. I use the dimensions of the picture itself and still vague. How can I decide? Sorry for the bad english.
  6. How to put dgsDxCreateWindow Over all elements? property AlwayOnTop doesn`t work. Thank you
  7. Compiled the MTA client using the source code, and now it is necessary to disable the block of .asi scripts. For the global mod you need. Everything is already rummaged there, I just can not find it. Maybe someone already knew, please help) Sorry for my bad English
  8. Скомпилировал MTA клиент при помощи исходников, и теперь необходимо отключить блок .asi скриптов. Для глобалки нужно. Всё уже перерыл там, никак не могу найти. Может быть кто уже разбирался, помогите )