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  1. Maybe... but MTA being in this stage, I think it'll take some time, so if anyone has anything to say about the subject, please post now (or remain silent forever )
  2. He has maybe played to much Tenchu...
  3. I agree with Vendetta, Samurais don't really fit into Vice City, the Ninja idea was better though. I think the radar invisibility should be used in an objective-centered game mode, like some missions or something... But the ninja seems more like fit for some special game mode, not normal DM.
  4. What's the problem with boats anyway? I mean, it has been sugged many times earlier (mostly by forum noobs ) and told to be impossible (at least now) because of the TNT-water MTA has. But what is the technical fact that makes them blow in water? Is it only water exploding all vechiles (which could be fixed by marking the boats as another class or something) or what? What's the major prob anyway?
  5. Only HtH? I don't know... Why to have it only like that? On the other hand, ppl have different opinions about it, so my advice is to let admin disable weapons (any of them he likes). Or something...
  6. I agree. I think I've heard/read that it is under construction, or something...
  7. Ben Lagg

    camera ?

    Use "print screen" -button or get a picture capturing program, there's no need for a camera in MTA.
  8. I think teaming should be made thru some script, so there could be ppl of any classes. When teamed up, they'd have colored names, one per team.
  9. But Kruger's ChinkChinkChink sounds good sometimes, and SPAS KaChunk is nice to hear, especially when targeted to somebody elses direction... Enough about noises... Golf Club is the best there is (is it there? )
  10. ->Teaming Script ->Friendly Fire -option ->Option (for Admin) to make all players invisible in radar. Their location could be shown in scoreboard as text (Downtown, Little Haiti 'n whatever...)
  11. Well, ok maybe you're right (damn!) about regening hlth, and I agree with armor-to-everyone-idea, but... how different are char classes then exept for skins and spawn points (maybe it wouldn't be so bad afterall, but still...)
  12. Sailors health regens back so slowly that it doesn't usually help them, and everyone can replenish health by the pickups. I know, it's not the same thing, but the help sailors get during a firefight by the regening health is minimal. Cops have much worse weapons, and their armor doesn't replenish, as stated before. Are these 2 really the most overpowered classes?
  13. Anything with enough BANG is a good weapon. M16/M4 is what I like, and Uzi/Mac-10 since they make PAT PAT PAT -sound. 'Nades also make me happy with a BOOM.
  14. Mac, Hapsterdance avatars are my Copyright! arrgh!! Robber overpowering mexican?? lol Sailors are ok otherwise, but the overly faggish skin is the #1 reason I don't play with them (If they'd just change it...)
  15. Great idea, but because all the cheaters around it wouldn't do much good until the cheating is gone (it's gonna take loooong....)
  16. Still someone trying to turn MTA into CS? Good ideas...
  17. Or would this be a good used in name color? I think it would be used like this in random DM, but in Gang fights it would only indicate the gang members. Or so. And those tags still shouldn't be visible thru walls!
  18. Yes, even hunter would be enough, if not even TOO enough.
  19. But anyway... Pizza Of Death? POD? Hey, a great game mode! But in normal DM (and in possible "Capture the Faggio"), there should be only Pizza Scooter, found near pizza place(s?).
  20. Blokky is making the world (or at least MTA forum) a better place to live by banning Post subject: The most amazing idea for MTA <-??? Nice to know this is it. *NEXT!*
  21. Ben Lagg

    Real Life

    Cheat just to fly high enough to kill yourself? Why to make it that you die if you fall? I know, I know, it's more realistic, but hey: does MTA need that really?
  22. I think the radar thing could be replaced with a text in player stats screen telling where ppl are (downtown, leaf links n such).
  23. You use trainer! Shame on you! No need to lock cars, they're there to be stolen (in Vice City, only cops got cutter for locks, you may have noticed ) Heli blades are a threat to us all, and that coming out to the blades when jacked should be fixed. It has been talked/written about. And radar annoys me too, no stealth or anything. It should be made a server option wether or not ppl should be able to see each other in radar. Another thing making sneaking up someone is that name-and-health-bar that can be seen thru walls. But MTA's still in beta
  24. Wouldn't bounty hunter be better if everyone had his own prey to hunt down. Money would be earned by Killing prey, or the guy hunting you, and lost or not affected for killing others. Or those others couldn't even be damaged. Everytime some1 comes to server he is told the name of his target. There wouldn't be two guys at one target, everyone would have only one, who'd be hunting another target n so... you get the idea (i hope). Guns bought from ammunations, no too extreme weapons like miniguns. Another game mode would be Team bounty hunter, where everyone would be assigned into teams (no sh*t???) and having targets from other teams (either one guy or the whole team). N so on...
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