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  1. TTT

    random skin

    thx again m8 **Edit** maan that link are crazy i opned it and bammm my pc went crazy it opned 155 windows well i guess it was my pc who bugged any way thx.. i got what i needed
  2. TTT

    random skin

    another thing how do i respawn a player.? like when player die then he spawn at x = -2654 y = 633 z = 15
  3. TTT

    random skin

    thx m8 . i will go look.
  4. TTT

    random skin

    ehm i wanted it like when you connect and are going to be spawned then you get a random skin
  5. TTT

    random skin

    how do i make random skin on spawn?
  6. TTT

    Michael is back!

    agree supervoltage
  7. TTT

    timed out :S

    i dont run it at home
  8. TTT

    timed out :S

    why do people on my server get timed out every sec ?.. it starts when we are around 20+
  9. well dude im the owner of TTown (Toppexxx) if you could give me your ip then i remove the ban (pm me)
  10. well this is my first script so i aint much.. and i has a little problem >.< when you type/getcar (id) then you get the car.. but when you leave the car then it doesnt dissappear or remove :'S function createVehicleForThePlayer(thePlayer, command, vehID) vehID = tonumber(vehID) local x,y,z = getElementPosition(thePlayer) newX = x + 5 createVehicle ( vehID, newX, y, z ) end addCommandHandler("getcar", createVehicleForThePlayer)
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