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  1. [HELP] a nub small problem!

    um, leme check sec
  2. [HELP] a nub small problem!

    Error : Bad argument @'guiGetVisible' [Expected gui-elemt at argument 1, got nil] Code : function requestViewunitGUI() if (guiGetVisible(unitConWin)) then for ind, ent in pairs(windows) do guiSetVisible(ent, false) end showCursorMTA(false) cursor = 0 else guiSetInputMode("no_binds_when_editing") triggerServerEvent("unit.vg", root) end end bindKey("F6", "down", requestViewunitGUI)
  3. RPG Sources

    HHHHHHHHHh it was testing and you was a nub hahahha remember me its me nab Lumia when you told me to learn you LUA ... .haha you nub you did it hhahah . keep hating me u will lose
  4. You're wrong .. give me a proof if im not the real owner . go check meta , and stop bull:~ in my posts cuz you result as hater nub
  5. RPG Sources

    brother , im cheap , and i'll take money every month and he must start from community 1.0
  6. Hey [CIN]Kiss , i'll try to do it now wait 20 mins ! https://github.com/RaMSos/AntiSpamWeps/blob/master/client Here you are , client side just do meta.xml NOTE: this for only RPG if u wanna for everyweapons then make again client side and copy paste i give u (clientside) then edit this line : if weapon == 36 then edit " 36 " for weapon u want to do Anti Spam NOTICE: 36 is the RPG id , change it to example : (M4) Id WHATEVER ..
  7. [Help] MTA DAYZ Zombie Wont Work

    give me the error msg i may help you
  8. NBG is just small/simple gamemode (NOT BUGGED) contain from 22 folders , created in the last year and developered by me , and now i have to decide to release its scripts to make something from it and learn from its codes , Information Gamemode type: RPG/CnR Appox. file size: 1MB Version: 1.1.4 Link : https://files.fm/u/yagjhpmx (Click "Download") Scripts Contains
  9. [REL] ATM System V2.0

    no no , its made by Soul [CIF]Ajax didn't touch anything in CIF he's just steelling soul !!
  10. [REL] Bonsai's Multigamemode

    Well , nice working bonsais , realy liked ur works !
  11. RPG Sources

    Well, i can script for you an EXTREME gaming RPG server , req : 25$ each month on my paypal .
  12. MTA-Scripter. 

    Community good leader. 

    Fourm creator .ml , .cf , .tk , .gq .

    RPG: Good Criminal Boss.

    Playing : SAUR , CIT , AuroraRPG. 

    Server i have opened


    Community Of Derby Extreme Gaming ( CDE ) .