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  1. Or at the very least one that doesn't require the registry to be installed to work? I want to play the game again but I remember not being able to take the game with me on a usb stick, thanx.
  2. Calling the DM version on the main page "The latest version" also means that less ppl will download race cause it gives it them impression they're 2 in one. Saying that why don't they build 2 in 1?
  3. It needs more advertising because MTA Race is the most fun I've ever had with an online racer and is amazing to play with friends because of all the crazy maps people create. I just find it a shame that everyone plays the crap DM mods like SA-MP because they just don't end up being fun as GTA's stengths were never in the combat and they become boring. However racing on crazy maps and trying to bash you friends off the track and ruin other peoples races is so much fun. I love how the vehicles can change from a car to a plane to a boat or whatever you want and thats something no other racer offers and I love how people create obstacles and mini puzzles. The most fun I've had with an online racer but just a shame more people don't play it.