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  1. I think it would be cool to have a free vehicle race mode where you pick a car at the beginning or whatever, the race begins like the race in single player race missions, but you can smash other people's cars during the race, get out of the car while you're driving to get into other vehicles that are lying around, parked by the road or wherever and use weapons to blow up other people's cars. That would be a lot of fun. When I first heard about racing in MTA, that's how I imagined it. Where you can get out of your car and get into any other vehicle if your car is really damaged. Also, a cool
  2. I have an idea: Why not program the option to change game modes on the fly. This can be done in a couple of ways I guess: 1) The admin could set a game mode to run for say 20 minutes, then it'll automatically change to another game mode. Or he can do it manually. Sort of like in Counterstrike when you change map. Players are warned of a game mode change and then when the time comes players are setup according to game mode chosen. Most likely servers will stick to one mode but at least the option is there for more variety and to possibly accommodate more experieced MTA players. 2) Or have it
  3. I use Media Player classic. Is there any reason it says "failed to render file" when I try to play it? I'm using the latest one I'm not about to install Media Player 9. I did install the mp9 codecs though. Can anyone help? Maybe I did something wrong?
  4. When are you cock suckers going to implement RACING into MTA god damn it. YOU SHOULD BE DOING THAT RIGHT NOW! IT SHOULD BE YOUR PRIORITY! Fucken retards. Who gives a fuck about multiple view points and garbage like that. WE WANT RACING and how long does it take you slow fuckers to update MTA? It's been like months before a last release. LAZY SLACKING SONS A BITCHES! SAN ANDREAS WILL BE OUT AND MTAVC STILL WON'T HAVE A RACING MODE! holy fuck......
  5. Negativeions

    GTA3:MTA Poll

    How about scrap MTA3 and concentrate on MTA VC since it's a far superior game.
  6. OK, I'm no genious but the first thing that came to my mind as a mini-game in multi-theft auto, a total and utter no-brainer, is racing.... how about multiplayer fucken racing.... jesus christ, you guys are idiots.. it's been a month and no update? stop jacking off...
  7. GTA3 and VC feature race missions where you have to follow check points like in Midnight Club. Is there multiplayer support for that mode in MTA:VC? I would assume so, but just want to find out before hand.
  8. I first discovered MTA when the news that a new multiplayer mod for GTA3 was announced on slashdot. I was totally elated. I almost crapped my pants. That would really spice up our LAN parties, I thought. I quickly realized that MTA is in the very early development stages, but has huge potential. I've never played it, and don't plan to until it gets close to version 1. I don't want to ruin the experience with crashes and what not. I have a question and suggestion though: 1. GTA3 and VC feature race missions where you have to follow check points like in Midnight Club. Please tell me that there
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