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  1. Fair enough you answered almost all my questions, but there is one more. if you player:setHealth(50) that "player" needs to be defined right? So if the player is defined somehow either from source or from a variable like local driftyz = getLocalPlayer() can i use driftyz:setHealth(50)? Thanks in advance
  2. okay makes sense it is faster to write, but for people like me who don't know the OOP functions will have to learn them, because i remember it took me months to learn most of the procedural mta functions. Guess it is more advanced even tho it sounds more simple
  3. Hello MTA SA Community i started this thread so someone who knows how the OOP works can explain it to me aswell because i have some questions and couldn't understand some of the wiki. I've seen some people using OOP in their resources instead of calling exported functions if i saw correctly. Can i use OOP to replace some exported functions? for example if i have to call a notification resource to show notifications can i use OOP to call that function who will post notifications on the player screen? And second what is the main point to use OOP at all?
  4. The brackets wasn't a problem i tried it without them before, anyways ill try the "call" way and let you know
  5. <exports function="showErrorCode" type="server" /> It might looks messed because im from my phone
  6. Exact what the title says, i can't figure it out what is wrong with a simple exports code im testing, thanks! error: Failed to call '[DWN]Core:showErrorCode'[string "?"] code to call the function: exports["[DWN]Core"]:showErrorCode(player, "02") code of the exported function: function showErrorCode (player, int) if player then if int == "02" then -- Some random code to excecute here outputChatBox("It Works!") end end end
  7. DriFtyZ

    [BUG]About GUIs

    Correct but as i said i haven't explained what i wanted correctly which i fixed it later and that link wasn't what i was looking for.
  8. DriFtyZ

    [BUG]About GUIs

    I'm sorry my mistake i should have put [QUESTION] tag and i didn't explained well what i wanted tough i fixed it, this guy also didn't behave gentle instead of he threw a common link onto my face telling me to quit calling stuff like this bugs like i'm doing it every day
  9. DriFtyZ

    [BUG]About GUIs

    Quit being an smartass
  10. Yes, Its an another one annoying question from me, i have a vehicle menu where the player selects which vehicle he wants to spawn/hide unlock etc... the menu finds the player's owned vehicles through a dbQuery and separates them into rows inside the gridlist when i select a vehicle it spawns it based on the plate text, but when i close and open the menu again it just's deselects the selected row... In few words i want to make the gui selects the row itself if the vehicle is spawned when the player opens the menu how can this be possible, thanks! EDIT: Pic is a bit aged don't mind if the other buttons i said are not included in
  11. thank you, i was so dumb that just tried to use only a useful function without copying the code below
  12. Hello people, i noticed on the wiki there are some function called Useful functions, how can i use them? what are they exactly?
  13. Hello there, i want to export some database functions instead of using db connect on all resources, how can i make it?
  14. crashes can always happen for whatever reason, anyway