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  1. Beethoven

    Stealth map

    hope u can see it!
  2. i made a nice one, special for BEETHOVEN:
  3. no. but Mine doesnt show up! and the world is all about me!
  5. yeah, i made that a damageproof vehicle spawns if you hit a marker. Works fine. thanks for wasting your time! Beethoven Ps: my sig doesnt show up!!
  6. Ok, so it's your fault. Pwew, almost thought it was MTA's fault. Of which I know for sure it can't be true, because I remember it working in DP2.3 and I recently used it in the nightlies. it IS a bug: i filled in a car id, instead of hunter, and it worked! so maybe it doesnt work with airplanes
  7. NOTHING DOES WORK, eventhandler, false instead of true, client side, server side! Thos helis just stand there, not being invincible.
  8. i dont want it for the whole map, just 1 area.
  9. Are you using freeroam? Yes, i said that in the second post:(
  10. Il try that, thanks. And, again, when i name a vehicle "car" in 1.0 editor, and set setbladamageproof(car,true) will that work?
  11. Always worked for me, except for the doors which still swing. But who cares about the darn doors. And scar, reason he posted it here is because he thought it was the function's fault, not his scripting. The vehicles spawn, but when i get in and crash, they blow, or shoot them with rpg, and torture them with flametrowers. Will it work with the "new" string i posted b4? I read about the flipping cars.
  12. hi, this is my script, i thougt it would be easy, but i can never get a car indestructable:[attachment=0]inv.zip[/attachment] how am i get this working? tried everything. and can i use this with the new vehicle create line: <vehicle id="Beethoven1" color="0,0,0,0" dimension="0" interior="0" model="411" plate="MASTER1" posX="-1353.3266601563" posY="-8.499737739563" posZ="5.7999997138977" rotX="0" rotY="0" rotZ="272.25524902344" upgrades="1010,1087,1080" /> ??? can someone read it? (its just a few words) and tell me wats wrong? ps. the map file is just one thing, dont look at it. heres the script: newvehicle = createVehicle( 425, 575.74719238281, 2888.5163574219, 3) setVehicleDamageProof(newvehicle, true) newvehicle1 = createVehicle( 425, 601.57495117188, 2893.8950195313, 3) setVehicleDamageProof(newvehicle1, true) newvehicle2 = createVehicle( 520, 595.71911621094, 2904.8894042969, 3) setVehicleDamageProof(newvehicle2, true) newvehicle3 = createVehicle( 520, 579.76336669922, 2900.91333007819, 3) setVehicleDamageProof(newvehicle3, true) its copied from the development wiki, server side.
  13. I know where to find the edit button, but i have a new idea: I have a base, far above that base is something like a airfield. If u try to spawn with the map into the base, you will land on the airfield, On the airfield is a giant marker or colshape wich teleports u to somewhere else. Then i have the problem that you can warp to a person. How to solve this. And... Would the "airfield-thing" work? Thanks, beethoveni
  14. Thanks guys, i have the editor, it's awesome bytheway Beet
  15. then the server has a password.. This has totaly nothing to do with community. i don't know wat im talking about, so i will shut up. in my vision, this is wat i thought, sorry for helping, copkilla.
  16. Then u cant login. ByTheWay: why did u want to login?
  17. Hi, Sorry for the comment ruining the idea of this topic, but if u wanna race, download NFS or something. Gta was made to shoot, not to race, like MTA. And its a multiplayer, how much non-shooter mp games do u know except pac-man online and bomberman? Go karting, good for your health. sorry for the late post
  18. I thought, correct me if wrong, that the community account thing with serial has left mtasa long time ago.
  19. yes, thats the jetpack-part. thanks. And now the no-spawn part. I want it to make u cant warp there, but can walk into it. Ps: is ur name game-snert or games-nert, or maybe just gamesnert. The robot would be cool.... Edit: maybe theres some function i can add in the spawn/warp area of the freeroam script: maybe something like: if spawnpos is between 1,1,1-1,100,1(four points), set pos x,x,x(somewhere else) I only copy and edit scripts, and can make a vehicle invisible (: but dunno how to make this. Thanks, Beethoven. Ps2: would the maker of the resource mil_protection mind if i would borrow his script?
  20. use the (...) Search button: Beethoven
  21. i use this one, works perfectly: http://gtamap.delux-host.com/converter/
  22. for the ant-fuckers: im using a freeroam resource, the one in resource centre(i changed it a bit, but i have changed nothing with the spawning-thing or jetpack-thing)
  23. hey guys, im making a base, with AA guns and so, but allways people just spawn in a base, lost all the fun. So this is wat i wanna make: a place were u cant spawn(something with a colshape). a place where u cant use jetpack(otherwise u can just fly over the fences). as said, i think it has something to do with colshapes, but im not sure: HOW TO DO THIS??
  24. yes, i have the headshot resource on. so im not the only one that has to do with this. thank you, beethoven
  25. we're talking about the NEW MTA:SA 1.0 (aka MTA:DM 1.0) Map editor. ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zisy5zfOJZQ ). you can get it here: http://code.google.com/p/multitheftauto-resources/ (you need an SVN application like Tortoise to download it) Wow, I think I fell in love! But, I can't download it, don't see it in the link. Can u upload it as a attachement? Thank you, Beethoven
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