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  1. Hello - not sure if anyone has mentioned this before, if so please advise. Essentially, my laptop (15.6" screen with a 1920x1080 native resolution) has a default & recommended scale setting of 125% as seen here: But MTA does not scale the client properly, making text hard if not impossible to read if keeping the same resolution (below). I don't have issues with any other applications or games I use (GTA V, American Truck Sim, and default SA, for example, display properly/normally). Given that I've always used the laptop with the 125% scaling, changing that isn't really an option for me as it makes *everything else* too small to read. I can provide additional screenshots if needed/upon request. Thanks
  2. No worries on the delayed response! I ran the bat file via Teamviewer and tested connecting and it seemed to have worked. I'm not at my desktop and won't be until Tuesday morning 0730 CDT but I ran MTA through Teamviewer and it connected, so I'll assume it worked. Also thanks for letting me know about the executable, if I remember correctly I had previously installed a radar mod that enlarged the radar in-game that required that or something. I'll look into that on my own.
  3. Not sure if it matters, but it said "Press any key to continue", not specifically "Press N to continue". Regardless, pressed N As requested here is the pastebin link. Thanks!
  4. ThatOneIowan

    Error CD16

    Hi all, I am having issues connecting to any servers (map editor included) for MTA on my desktop. I always get "Error CD16". I have no issues connecting on either of my laptops nor to the internet on my desktop, so the connection itself is not an issue. I have tried both allowing MTA and the GTA SA executable in Windows Firewall as well as just turning Windows Firewall off completely. I know that it used to work on my desktop several months ago and now just... doesn't. I'm not sure what other information you need to look into this so please let me know. Thanks!