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  1. Weird, the textures are jacked, errors and strange skeletal stuff. I fixed the errors, but I don't know what all that skeletal stuff is suppose to be there for and zModeler automatically removed all of it lolz. Fixed. DOWNLOAD
  2. Slim


    Whatever you name the texture you're texturing your object with in 3DS Max, will have to be the same texture name in the TXD file or it won't work. Hopefully you know how to work with basic TXD files. Add me to Skype if you need help.
  3. I still think you could retrieve ground position of anywhere by dropping a bot ped and letting it fall, no need to even make it transparent if you know how to work with dimension. Not positive it would work though. Maybe could even work with vehicles.
  4. Maybe could utilize this, can detect when a player presses their preferred "enter_exit" key. https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/Control_names
  5. Add me to Skype: JustinNunya@outlook.com
  6. You only need the TXD file to modify the texture. Please be more specific why/how you need the .DFF modified.
  7. Maybe you could drop a transparent ped and check the Z location. Idk.
  8. Your server? I thought it's "our server" x D Between you me and Shy we've all done so much. Nice "Battle Bot" Hunt, lol x D
  9. What component are you trying to color?
  10. This resource causes FPS drop in DM race servers
  11. This is a very easy script xD. If you can get someone to show you the basics/how to organize the files for MTA scripts, you'll be able to do this xD.
  12. #1. You can edit the way objects stream into view. #2. I'm pretty sure there's ways to remove the default GTA map also, but there's no point in my opinion because default GTA objects require no extra download. #3. If you're good enough, you could use EngineRestoreModel and EngineRestoreCOL and EngineLoadDFF and EngineLoadTXD depending on how your server transfers players from city to city, load/restore models depending on which city they're playing in.. You could essentially add unlimited custom cities considering the objects would only change on the clients screen, so the players in other cities wouldn't be effected if they all used the same barrel object for a wall or something.
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