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  1. What type of script is this?

    Refresh rate is a factor that makes everything work yes I was just saying that's not how THIS works Your method could work, but it's nothing compared to what he's actually asking for, these DVO/HLSL in the video he provided above from the ER server, the file sizes are extremely small compared to a .GIF Edit: DVO/HLSL aren't even images
  2. [Question] Apply shaders to vehicles

    Just save paint job string name with your preferred method (account data or MySQL or cookies) and use the above code I provided.. The client will check other players paint job string names for which paint job to use then it applies it accordingly, it can be tricky but that simple.
  3. What type of script is this?

    NeXuS, he wants HLSL or DVO, so the paintjob moves with the map music or just by itself. What you provided is for paintjobs that don't move, was an honest mistake Nobody will do it for you probably, but learn the basics of MTA and you'll be able to navigate the wiki. Until that point, you should either be asking friends/players to show you how MTA scripting/files work together, it's just climbing the ladder of knowledge. Once you know certain things you can follow the link I provided in my previous post, it does exactly what you're asking, but you won't get the same effects as the video you provided you have to make them yourself and convert them to MTA.
  4. [Question] Apply shaders to vehicles

    The sync for this is easy. theVehicle = getPedOccupiedVehicle ( thePlayer ) engineApplyShaderToWorldTexture( myShader, "vehiclegrunge256", theVehicle )
  5. What type of script is this?

    Goodluck It's basically DirectX Some refer to it as DVO, some refer to it as HLSL. It's a special .FX file. There's actually an example on MTA wiki, it took me a long time to figure out how to use it https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/Element/Shader
  6. Element silhouette outline shader

    Well then maybe you should figure it out yourself.
  7. Co-Driver can control car?

    You should be looking into the better ways of detecting acceleration and the clients preferred key set, as for some players use different keys or controllers. It's somewhere in the wiki. MTA Wiki
  8. Element silhouette outline shader

    https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/File:PedShellScreen.jpg This might work better for you, I haven't tested it but it does have an option to modify the color of the shell.
  9. Unknown Error ACL problem

    Discord: Justin#5487
  10. [HELP] Nametag nicks with colors and without colors

    If I'm not mistaken, the part I made bold and highlighted is how you control if colors are enabled in DX or not. tocolor(255, 255, 255, 255), 1, "default", "center", "top", false, false, false, true, false)
  11. Unknown Error ACL problem

    Did you backup the default ACL file? Always make a backup first You're editing it wrong for sure probably, look more carefully. Add me on Skype if you need: JustinNunya@outlook.com
  12. Restart server

    Why do you need the server to restart? There must be a better way for what you need.
  13. Texture layers

    I would try duplicating the ped in zModeler, enlarging the size just BARELY on the duplicated layer and make it transparent, apply the dirt shader etc to the transparent layer, while the real ped is revealed behind the transparency/dirt layer. As far as I know, you can't apply 2 shaders to the same instance.
  14. Miner in MTA

    LUA is one of the fastest scripting languages
  15. Acceleration on Helicopters (Maverick)

    I think you can speed them up, but setting maximum speed and changing handlings for aircraft is impossible I think.