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  1. Open Interiors

    He's exactly right in my opinion, I can show you how to remove the doors in zModeler if you add me on Skype, JustinNunya@outlook.com
  2. how to save vehicle upgrades?

    You need to learn to mod vehicles. Add special components to your mod under specified names, and you refer back to the specified names with script. Also the script you have here isn't even close to what you would need. Learn to navigate the MTA wiki bro https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/Main_Page
  3. Shader

    I think you're looking for "explo1" in particle.txd. Not completely sure.
  4. ped color

    I think I can do this in zModeler for you, but that should be your last choice, try to find scripts first.
  5. Problems with the chat

    I don't have this problem, when typing in the chat it disables all hotkeys for me.
  6. car replacement 2 problems

    You need to use the provided TXD that's included with the mod's DFF that you download. Also try typing /debugscript 3 to check errors while testing scripts in game.
  7. setVehicleComponentRotation Problem

    https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/Vehicle_component_manipulation In our upcoming server update we're using this exact method. Hope that link helps, my Russian friend scripted it for us, took him a couple hours. You're just gonna have to play around to see how these things work, you can maybe use https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/SetVehicleComponentPosition, along with https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/SetVehicleComponentRotation I wish I could help more but I'm a modeler not a scripter
  8. Who would play on a halo based server?

    I love the idea Halo CE is amazing.
  9. Delete duplicated race/DM maps

    I used Sor toptimes and it stores mine with meta name how lucky
  10. Delete duplicated race/DM maps

    The problem's that the meta names are the same, not the .map file. I have 50 GB of maps, all from different people, but some servers throughout the years change the resource names, while the meta names remain the same and appear duplicated in the admin panel. :/
  11. Delete duplicated race/DM maps

    Does anybody know how? I know it's possible in many different programming languages lol
  12. Need help with shader table

    Does anyone know how to assign shaders to individual textures that aren't related to vehicles? Like the textures in particle.txd Can these be assigned to individual players somehow? Car paintjob shaders allow a function to assign to individual "vehicle" But is there a way to do this with a .txd like particle.txd?
  13. Adding mods, not replacing?

    You can totally do multiple cars with same vehicle ID, but none of the doors/damaged parts will work. Learn Zmodeler
  14. Need help with SetVehicleComponentVisible

    The MTA developers did their best but yes that's how it is. You could UV map the door and load a transparent shader to the door when you enter the command. And of course you could put the doors under a different parent and attempt to find a way to disable the enter/exit animation but idk
  15. [HELP] Moving the default chat?

    Search the MTA resources there's some nice examples of chat box replacements.