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  1. screedix

    Soaps Ultimate Clan Panel v.1.0

    The GUI doesn't open for me
  2. screedix

    [HELP] Script loader

    Hello, I'm in need of ideas as how to create a resource which will start the download of images, mp3 files and such once you're in-game, not when you're still loading in. The download progress should be presented by a simple text at the top of the screen, indicating which resource is currently being downloaded and the percentage of the total download.
  3. screedix

    [Roleplay] San Fierro RP [English]

    My experience with this server has been phenomenal so far. The staff has been very very helpful, most reports that I have created, get solved within the first 3 minutes, which is very impressive for it's current playerbase. The features that have been somewhat edited or added are just extremely appealing. One of the examples would be the replacement of RS Haul by FedEx, which I think is just brilliant. Second thing would be the placement of vehicle shops and such. They're placed in what I consider as the best possible spots ever. The server from what I have seen has a really really playful and enjoyable community. I definitely recommend you to check out what this server has to offer. It must be hands down, one of the best roleplay servers I have played on in a while. It's truly an experience, considering the fact that the development team is constantly adding new features, removing bugs and overall making the server extremely nice to play on.
  4. screedix

    Team System

    Yeah, that'll definitely be worth the time to wait for 😄
  5. screedix

    Team System

    Okay, so I got this script from a friend of mine just now and I tried starting it.. no errors, nothing showing up in the console or when I'm in debug mode in-game. The script says the functions to bring up the menu would be either /clan or "H". Pressing those, absolutely nothing happens, still no errors, no nothing. Any way I could fix it? (Since I'm a total noob at github, this is all I could do in a few minutes haha)
  6. screedix

    Team System

    Thanks, I'll try my best to edit it since I am still learning lua language from online tutorials 😄 If I'll need help, could I just post under this thread?
  7. screedix

    Team System

    I'd want it to be a panel which would come up with a press of a button. If the player that tries triggering the event is not in a team, I'd want a message being said in the chat that they're not in a clan.
  8. screedix

    Team System

    Hey. So I've been trying out all these team systems I've found and it's been an absolute nightmare. Some of them work, but are extremely lacking of features, the others just purely don't work at all. I'm reaching out for help to all of you, cause I know this would be the best place to ask for help. All I want is a system as where only admins can create groups, but players could only invite others to that group. I'd want the group to have different permissions, for an example the leader of the group being able to invite new members whilst the normal members couldn't do that. I'd like it to be so when you invite the player, only then he can join. As of right now, I'm stuck with using the team system on the admin-panel. I want it so when you invite a player, they only need to add the clan tag to their name and they'll be automatically in the team. When joining the team, they should have the same name color as the team name color. Let me know if you know about scripts like these and where I could find them. Thank you.
  9. screedix

    Help required.

    Doesn't seem to work
  10. screedix

    Help required.

    Where exactly should I add it?
  11. screedix

    Help required.

    Sorry, I'm still learning scripting, can you forward me a bit more deeper into doing that?
  12. screedix

    Help required.

    Absolute legend, thanks! One more thing, that'd be perfect.. can I somehow make it so when a player gets assigned to a team, their name color changes automatically to the one the team has?
  13. screedix

    Help required.

    How tho?
  14. screedix

    Help required.

    Hello, I'm having a slight problem which I'm really hoping to find an answer for. I'm using lil_toady's admin panel on my server, associated with it's "team-system". When a team is created, it's also sent to the scoreboard (TAB BUTTON). The problem is, I'd want to hide the team when none of it's members are online. Currently, when nobody is online from the team, all it does is shows the team name and then "0 players" at the end. Is there a way to fix this? Thank you in advance.