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    Anti Shortcut Help

    I apologize i was a little impatient. I'm not blaming nobody, what i'm saying is that i had no idea that there was a Chinese character on line 50. When i open notepad++ it's not visible. Solved Lock this topic
  2. AWOL

    Anti Shortcut Help

    Lock this topic i ain't getting the help i need.
  3. AWOL

    Anti Shortcut Help

    Could you please help me to get it to work. I checked the lines and nothing is there, what else am i missing.
  4. AWOL

    Anti Shortcut Help

    Sorry for the late response. This is what i get
  5. AWOL

    Anti Shortcut Help

    I tested both in editor and it still doesn't work
  6. Hello MTA SA community i'm trying to make a anti shortcut script for a map. In this script the player is suppose to drive through all 3 CORONAS, at the very end the 4th corona will check that the player hit all 3 previous coronas. If the player some how misses on he will be denied at the end. (I'm still new to the scripting community. I understand the concept but i would l like to know what i'm missing) -Thanks local playerHitCorona = {} local coronaElement = {} coronaElement[1] = createMarker(3955.6198730469, -1604.9947509766, 56.082000732422, "corona", 15, 0, 0, 255) coronaElement[2] = createMarker(3222.6970214844, -1473.5163574219, -1.5256999731064, "corona", 40, 0, 0, 255) coronaElement[3] = createMarker(3465.4184570313, -505.55020141602, 6.6930999755859, "corona", 15, 0, 0, 255) coronaElement[4] = createMarker(3788.0246582031, -807.74267578125, 110.54779815674, "corona", 10, 0, 0, 255) -- corona before hunter pickup -- and so on addEventHandler( "onClientMarkerHit", root, MarkerHit ) function MarketHit (player) if player == localPlayer then if source == coronaElement[1] then -- you check that the player hit the first corona playerHitCorona[1] = true -- set it to true, that means that the player hit the corona elseif source == coronaElement[2] then -- same as above playerHitCorona[2] = true elseif source == coronaElement[3] then -- on this corona, you check that the player hit all previous coronas playerHitCorona[1] = true playerHitCorona[2] = true elseif source == coronaElement[4] then if playerHitCorona[1] and playerHitCorona[2] and playerHitCorona[3] then -- You forgot the IF statements -- player hit all coronas, do nothing else local veh = getPedOccupiedVehicle(localPlayer) -- You also didn't define the veh variable, vehicle wasn't going to blow outputChatBox("#ADD8E6AW#FFFFFFOL: You're not worthy") blowVehicle(veh) -- player did not hit all coronas (he made sc) , blow player end end end end )
  7. Thank you so much but honestly you guys need ot do something about all version of enbseries. For it to work in the latest version of MTA
  8. Without Enb files With enb files
  9. For some reason, enb series is just not working mta sa. It used to work in the old mta 1.5 but now no!