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  1. Mishqutin

    Higher drawing distance

    How do I increase draw distance of vehicles? They just disappear after being 200 units away. I'm making a Surface to Air Missile launcher that spawns heat-seeking missiles but they don't lock on vehicles that are too far away.
  2. Mishqutin

    Color in console

    Colored text in console (F8) would be very helpful and will make errors more readable.
  3. Mishqutin

    Helicopters' speed

  4. Mishqutin

    Get client camera elevation

    Thanks! I forgot about that function.
  5. Mishqutin

    Get client camera elevation

    But getElementPosition() returns only position.
  6. Mishqutin

    Get client camera elevation

    I am making a vehicle turret. So far I've made a function that rotates the turret horizontaly: function rotateTurret() local rotation = getPedCameraRotation(getLocalPlayer()) local veh = getPedOccupiedVehicle(getLocalPlayer()) local _, _, vehRotation = getElementRotation(veh) setElementAttachedOffsets(vWeapon, 0, 0, 2, 0, 0, 0-vehRotation-rotation+90) if vWeapon then setTimer(rotateTurret, 100, 1) end end And I couldn't find function returning elevation of player's camera.
  7. Mishqutin

    Helicopters' speed

    Is there any way I can make e.g. Cargobob fly faster? Editing handling settings doesn't do much.
  8. Mishqutin

    Prevent vehicle despawn.

    If I spawn a vehicle from freeroam panel on my mostly unmodified server and don't get in after some time it just disappears. EDIT: Actually found what to change: local function onExit() local t = tonumber(get("vehicleExpireTime")) or 600000 vehicleDestroyTimers[source] = setTimer(destroyVehicle,(t > 50 and t or 50),1,source) addEventHandler("onVehicleEnter",source,destroyTimer) end
  9. Mishqutin

    Prevent vehicle despawn.

    I mean they despawn even if not blown up.
  10. Mishqutin

    Prevent vehicle despawn.

    How do I stop despawning vehicles created by players/resources?
  11. Mishqutin

    Andromada model resource

    I don't mean interior. A model with interior so somebody can put something in.
  12. Mishqutin

    Andromada model resource

    Hi! I couldn't find resource that adds Andromada's model an interior. I've seen many servers are using it. Does anyone know where I can get it? I'm not sure if this is the right section btw.
  13. Mishqutin

    Plugin from server

    I just want to know resource's name. I know I can script own and that there are many simmilar scripts.
  14. Mishqutin

    Plugin from server

    Hi there! I've recently played on the "Default MTA Server || Freeroam [P]". There are many poeple. I'd like to know which resource they're using to disable deathmatch. Does anyone know? I couldn't find any info.
  15. Mishqutin

    Loop is not executed