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  1. FiGo

    help plz

    still did not work + when I hit the car the car get fixes but while I am standing it doesn't increase alone
  2. FiGo

    help plz

    i added it but it donot work I need to make when the car got damaged it increases by +5 I mean if it is 90 it be 95 and like that until it becomes 100
  3. FiGo

    help plz

    I changed it and it doesn't work function fix() CarHP = getElementHealth(source) if ( getElementModel(source) == 451 ) then if ( CarHP < 90 ) then setElementHealth ( source, 100 ) end end end addEventHandler("onClientVehicleDamage", root, fix) help plz
  4. FiGo

    help plz

    CarModel = getElementModel ( 516 ) If ( CarModel = 516 ) then CarHP = getElementHealth( 516 ) if ( CarHP < 90 ) then setElementHealth ( 516, CarHP + 5 ) why this function for car health increase when it get damaged why it doesn't work
  5. I need to make a server but when the player login it asks him do you want to join freeroam mod or rpg mod
  6. FiGo

    Help in cityzones

    Hello I am having a line bugged can anyone fix it for me it is cityzones. exec("INSERT INTO zones (id, name, owner, ctrl, price, objects, radio, x, y, sx, sy) VALUES ( ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?)", id, name, owner, ctrl, price, objects, radio, x, y, sx, sy)
  7. FiGo

    CIP Server

    Hello admins i have a problem that someone made my server with my scripts and it is name CIP and it was my server and i closed it so they opened it again with my resources i already forgot to tell you there names there names is be!t and lucifer
  8. Look i cannot understand anything in it i need someone to teach me
  9. I need an mta developer and trusted person to learn me how to be good developer
  10. FiGo

    Help me

    and then It donot rename I want to rename regina advanced hummer but it donot work
  11. FiGo

    Help me

    can anyone answer
  12. FiGo


    Can you write for me the function
  13. FiGo


    But how to make when a player press t and write anything it appear with country