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  1. FiGo

    help me plz

    when I am trying to delete my group it keep giving me this and it don't delete The password doesn't match with the username from the groupleader! [5:04 PM] and everything is linked in the database here is the function can u help me with this -- Delete group addEvent( "onServerDeleteGroup", true ) addEventHandler( "onServerDeleteGroup", root, function ( username, password ) local accountCheck = exports.DENmysql:querySingle( "SELECT * FROM accounts
  2. [20-05-24 00:40:46] ERROR: CPKvip/server.luac:584: attempt to index a boolean value local theAmount = data["VIP"] local antiSpam = {} function sendPlayerVipToPlayer (player, command, amount, playername) if isTimer(antiSpam[player]) then exports.CPKdxmsg:createNewDxMessage(player,"Please wait few seconds before you transfer a vip hour.",255,0,0) return end antiSpam[player] = setTimer(function() end,2000,1) if (isElement(player) and (exports.server:isPlayerLoggedIn(player))) then if (not tonumber(amount) or amount == nil or playername == nil or amount
  3. FiGo

    help me

    addCommandHandler("criminal", function (player) exports.GTIhud:dm("This command has been disabled, you must commit a crime to join in Criminals team", player, 255, 0, 0) end ) function isCriminal(player) if (exports.GTIteams:isPlayerInTeam(player, "Criminals")) then return false end if (exports.GTIbusiness:setPlayerCriminal(player) ~= "Criminal") then return false end return true end what is wrong in that function why when I commit a crime it doesn't move me to the criminal team
  4. FiGo

    Server names

    If i want to make a server with a name that is already made can i make it with my scripts Plz anyone answer Why does none answers me
  5. Where should i report server
  6. FiGo

    help plz

    still did not work + when I hit the car the car get fixes but while I am standing it doesn't increase alone
  7. FiGo

    help plz

    i added it but it donot work I need to make when the car got damaged it increases by +5 I mean if it is 90 it be 95 and like that until it becomes 100
  8. FiGo

    help plz

    I changed it and it doesn't work function fix() CarHP = getElementHealth(source) if ( getElementModel(source) == 451 ) then if ( CarHP < 90 ) then setElementHealth ( source, 100 ) end end end addEventHandler("onClientVehicleDamage", root, fix) help plz
  9. FiGo

    help plz

    CarModel = getElementModel ( 516 ) If ( CarModel = 516 ) then CarHP = getElementHealth( 516 ) if ( CarHP < 90 ) then setElementHealth ( 516, CarHP + 5 ) why this function for car health increase when it get damaged why it doesn't work
  10. I need to make a server but when the player login it asks him do you want to join freeroam mod or rpg mod
  11. Hello I am having a line bugged can anyone fix it for me it is cityzones. exec("INSERT INTO zones (id, name, owner, ctrl, price, objects, radio, x, y, sx, sy) VALUES ( ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?)", id, name, owner, ctrl, price, objects, radio, x, y, sx, sy)
  12. FiGo

    CIP Server

    Hello admins i have a problem that someone made my server with my scripts and it is name CIP and it was my server and i closed it so they opened it again with my resources i already forgot to tell you there names there names is be!t and lucifer
  13. Look i cannot understand anything in it i need someone to teach me
  14. I need an mta developer and trusted person to learn me how to be good developer
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