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  1. I now, but there dont show nothing
  2. Hey, i have level system, i get xp when i kill zombie, but LV dont change when i get xp for level function win(ammo, killer, attacker, thePlayer, weapon, bodypart) if (killer and getElementType(killer) == "player" and killer ~= source) then elseif (attacker and getElementType(attacker) == "player" and attacker ~= source) then local H = getElementData(killer, "EXP") or 0 local S = getElementData(killer, "LV") or 0 local killer1 = getPlayerName(killer) local noob = getPlayerName(source) local experience if tonumber(S) <= 20 then experience = 1
  3. Sorry the picture is little changed. There was a need to be a elementBackpack also I sorry for my bad English
  4. Hello! I wanted to ask about one problem with which I faced in reaching its servers. Anyone can help me?
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