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  1. i liked this signature stlye ,Can you guys do me a similar one but with formatting C drive instead?
  2. https://imgur.com/bHSCOjF


    Nice one, By the way, We've talked many times on your server my name was ''Donald''.

    AND I totally have no idea why i am banned on forums. That's just sick, You maybe got the wrong IP, If there's a reason tell me here ;)

  3. Hey, add me on skype, I need to talk to you

    1. wisedon


      It's  ( Malekz5 ) .

  4. Hey there, I am offering to be a moderator in your server but i have to get paid monthly or we can hit up something. I've got Good English, by this i mean it's Understandable and i can understand what others are saying Knowing when to punish this includes (Ban,Kick,Mutes) , and when to not. Please Contact me here or via skype (Malekz5) So we can sort things out.
  5. Please add some more money so when you register you can do some :~. I'd also like to note that i liked your server
  6. The Current Owner is the old Nerd Gaming Owner.
  7. New Login Panel Added : New Clan system is added too !
  8. Suck my :O lol. that server is a copy from SAUR.
  9. nice story bro
  10. wisedon

    [Help me out]

    i can not find any
  11. wisedon

    [Help me out]

    Where can I find the original gta3.img and gta_int?