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  1. lol u no he just wants 2 mess around and abuse the power lol
  2. Everytime I see $mrvercetti$ he is ALWAYS cheating I advise every1 to ban him. ty
  3. lol thats like asking a busy doctor hey man i no ur tired lemme do that 5 o'clock heart surgery for ya man...
  4. Post I got a ? for you why the f.uck did you black out the text in the pictured of the guy in the server???
  5. i agree about the hissy fights but if u scroll up on this page u will c kungfugrip started it all. and about the release date i was just hoping for there 2 b a idea of when .3 is comin out... o well
  6. btw i jsut started that f.uck or s hit space cuss thing
  7. calm the f u c k down man its not that big a deal
  8. making a split screen for pc is stupid... thats why u have mta!!!
  9. looks like sum1 is 2 afraid 2 go against me cause htey no they will lose...
  10. so is this a hack that ppl frown apon?
  11. oic so its not like sum dude gettin a skin on purpose
  12. Hey, when I play MTA a lot of the time I see char. w/ skins that arent even in the selection. Are these people cheating? If not tell me how.
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