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  1. install win2k our winxp !!!!! if you can run gta, you can run win2k or winxp !! just do it
  2. http://www.google.com type : download ASE All Seeing Eye click : Google Search goddamned, can't you do that on your own ?? pfff
  3. thx, finally somebody who understands me
  4. damned, no tango-music in the list
  5. try the patch win98 win2k it certainly would work !
  6. smells like money money in here $$$
  7. just uninstall the trainer online gta is a lot better than offline
  8. win98 sux ! viva win2k & xp ! if you can run gta on your computer, you probably could run win2k less bugs less win98 crap = g00d stuff !
  9. depends also if your PC is fast ... if you have the newest GeForce with a P II 400 its gonna be quite lagging You could check the system req's here : http://www.rockstargames.com/vicecity/pc/index.htm
  10. http://forum.mtavc.com/viewtopic.php?t=3842
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