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  1. New post on "How to make static lighting for an object" Link
  2. Go to the forum topic and ask the developer.
  3. По функциональности очень хорош, но по дизайну полный отстой. Рекомендую лучше поюзать Widgets GUI от Arios Jentu
  4. DragonFF is an import and export script for Blender.Blender is a free and open source 3d modeller. It has lacked proper DFF plug-ins support for a long time. Even though a few scripts were made, they didn't have enough features to completely make Blender a viable alternative for GTA modding.Although not complete yet, it supports most of the features required for basic model editing. Author: Zarig Developed topic: https://gtaforums.com/topic/925364-dragonff-blender-gta-io/?tab=comments#comment-1070663252 GitHub: https://github.com/Zarig/DragonFF
  5. Hello! Why not screen is displayed when entering to the server? addEventHandler('onClientPlayerJoin', root, function() SystemFrame:oc() --Window SystemFrame already created above end) And the weird thing is that it is displayed when the event onPlayerLogin, and onPlayerLogout. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Можешь помочь в этом? Просто очень хочу научиться писать интерфейсы на CEF, но не кому помочь.
  7. Hello everybody! I want to offer you a new language for writing scripts for MTA: SA. By the tags in the topic, you've already seen that it's Puthon 3. Many will say that Python 3 is bad for scripting, but it's not! It is similar to lua but has a wider OOP, and has the ability to connect modules. In the Internet very little material on lua, it is available but only in English, and what to do to the Russian community? The Russian segment in the MTA is very large, and lua materials are very small. Of course, the small amount of materials on the Internet for lua is not the reason for switching to Python 3. I understand that I will have to rewrite all functions from scratch, but this can prolong the life of the MTA. Python 3 is not one language that can be used as scripting under MTA: SA, there is also a wonderful language JavaScript v5. Many multiplayer use it as a language for writing scripts. This is just my opinion. I just suggested that the idea is not bad. Decide for you, dear multiplayer developers. Oh, sorry for my bad English!
  8. Hello! There was such question: it is possible to make a window with buttons and pictures by means of html / css and to make a bind on the button? Something like a GUI window, just made with html. I am hope for your help!
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