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  1. Thank you, it's everything I needed to know.
  2. Hello, from what I've seen on the forum and the wiki, I understand that it's like this: You can either: - delete the clientsided script file after it's loaded by using fileDelete() at the end (it gets downloaded to the hard drive, loaded, then deleted). - download the clientsided script directly to the cache by using the cache setting in the meta.xml, so it never reaches the hard drive. My questions are: Are the client scripts always kept loaded in the cache while the client is connected to the server? Will they unload for whatever reason while the player is still on the server, or only when the player disconnects? Is using the cache setting just a better and safer version of using fileDelete() at the end of the script? I'm asking these questions because I saw this on the wiki: I assume I'd have to set every cilentsided script to cache=false in all of my resources in order to keep their loading order (talking about <download_priority_group></download_priority_group> in the meta.xml file), but can they unload from memory? And if that happens, do they get downloaded again and restarted, or does the player have to reconnect? Should I just use luac + fileDelete() or luac + cache=false? Please don't kill me because of my lack of knowledge, lol.
  3. I've meant to attatch the event to the resourceRoot, not the root. It was already working when attatched to the root. Biistamais' method works the way I wanted it to be ^^ But thanks anyway
  4. Yeah I've added that argument by mistake, it shouldn't be there, I'll remove it. Thank you for the help, it works properly now and I also understand what I did wrong ^^
  5. I have tried it like that too, but it still won't work if on the serverside I attatch the event "sendPedVoices" to the resourceRoot, it still has to be attatched to the root.
  6. Hello, I have a little trouble understanding why attatching an event to the resourceRoot won't work on the serverside. Here's the script: -- serverside ballas1 = createPed (102, 1092, -1386, 14, 180,true) ballas2 = createPed (103, 1093, -1386, 14, 180,true) ballas3 = createPed (104, 1094, -1386, 14, 180,true) ballas4 = createPed (185, 1095, -1386, 14, 180,true) ballas5 = createPed (293, 1096, -1386, 14, 180,true) function sendPedVoices() triggerClientEvent("applyVoicesClient", source, ballas1, ballas2, ballas3, ballas4, ballas5) outputChatBox ( "#FF0000zzzzzz", source, 231, 217, 176, true ) end addEvent("sendPedVoices", true, true) addEventHandler("sendPedVoices", root, sendPedVoices) -- <<<<< attatched to root -- clientside function setPedVoices(ballas1, ballas2, ballas3, ballas4, ballas5) setPedVoice ( ballas1, "PED_TYPE_GANG", "VOICE_GNG_BALLAS1" ) setPedVoice ( ballas2, "PED_TYPE_GANG", "VOICE_GNG_BALLAS2" ) setPedVoice ( ballas3, "PED_TYPE_GANG", "VOICE_GNG_BALLAS3" ) setPedVoice ( ballas4, "PED_TYPE_GANG", "VOICE_GNG_BALLAS4" ) setPedVoice ( ballas5, "PED_TYPE_GANG", "VOICE_GNG_BALLAS5" ) end addEvent("applyVoicesClient", true, true) addEventHandler("applyVoicesClient", localPlayer, setPedVoices) function requestVoices() triggerServerEvent ( "sendPedVoices", localPlayer) end addEventHandler("onClientResourceStart", resourceRoot, requestVoices) If I attatch the "sendPedVoices" event to the resourceRoot (instead of the root) it won't work. Is it simply not possible to do that or am I doing something wrong here?
  7. Thank you everybody, I managed to make it as accurate as possible by using onClientCursorMove. To answer a few questions: I would drag the scroll bar by comparing the absolute position clicked (by using onClientClick) with the float position returned by getCursorPosition multiplied by the screenHeight. I used math.ceil in order to move the scroll bar if there was even a slight difference to approximate the distance between those two positions to one unit. The "problem" was that sometimes the absolute position clicked and the float multiplied by the scren height would not be the same (even though I haven't moved the cursor yet) perhaps by a few pixels, which ended up moving the scroll bar as if I had moved the cursor. This wasn't a huge problem and I know I could have fixed it by not using math.ceil for any value between 0 and 1, but before trying that I was curious if there was any function/event I missed (and it turns out there was). So thanks again ^^
  8. I realised my typo, I meant to say that multiplying the float returned by getCursorPosition with the screen height is not accurate. I'd like to know if there is a way to get a more accurate position ^^ Thanks for replying anyway.
  9. Hello, I am trying to make a scroll bar that can be dragged using the dx functions. Long story short, want to compare the absoluteY returned by onClientClick with the absoluteY of the current frame (by using onClientRender). The only way to get the current cursor location this way is by using getCursorPosition, which does not return an absolute position. I couldn't find any other function to do this and dividing the screen height by the float returned by getCursorPosition is not accurate. Is there any way to do this? Am I missing something? plz halp lol
  10. If a player sets their fps_limit cvar in their client by using the console I am not able to overwrite that limit with setFPSLimit. I tried using it on both serversided and clientsided scripts. I want to run my server at 60fps and I every player to have their framerate as close to it as possible in order to avoid weird desyncing or abusing game glitches affected by the framerate (such as swimming speed, shooting speed, whatever). This is literally the third time I'm explaining it, what is it that you don't understand? lol
  11. It makes perfect sense, I want to force the MAXIMUM fps limit, not the MINIMUM. I'm not asking the computer to perform that amount of frames and nothing less, I'm asking it to perform up to that number IF there is enough computing power available. Yes, different FPS limits on different clients will cause them to have different gameplay experiences. My example was regarding the swimming speed difference between low FPS ( 20 fps swimming speed is huge ) and high FPS ( 90 fps would barely move). Your example is an even better one. There are also things like boat speeds being different on different FPS limits. I want all clients to have the fps_limit cvar to be forced to be at least equal with the server's fps limit. If their computers can't handle 60 fps I'm pretty sure it won't be as low as 20 to be that much of a difference. That's what I was asking about, the limiter, the maximum fps limiter, if it is possible to override the fps_limit cvar and how to do so.
  12. Hello, I am wondering if it is possible to overwrite a client's maximum FPS or to set it to match the server's maximum FPS. I am aware of the setFPSLimit function, but there's this: "Note: When set client side, the actual limit used is the lowest of both the server and client set values" As some of you might already know, many game physics are affected by the FPS (swimming speed, shooting speed, maybe even more). I've discovered a client command on some german MTA forum that can change the client FPS, fps_limit, but I couldn't find any information on the wikipedia or this forum. I tried using it before connecting to my server and this is what happened after setting it to 20 (fps_limit = 20). After I connect I get this in my console: Server FPS limit: 60 (Using 20). The game is indeed running at 20 fps. I tried to use a clientside script to set the fps to 60 but it still won't change. I fear that people might use this for desync purposes or for abusing the faster swimming speed or stuff like that, so is it possible to just force the maximum FPS?
  13. Alright I see, thanks for the help
  14. Hello, I want to change some places using the map editor and I'm encountering some weird lighting that probably originates from the buildings I'm using. Here's a screenshot example: I would like to fix these or at least make them less obvious. They only look this weird at night. Are there any clientside functions I could use to do it? The only function I've seen on the wiki that seems to be able to help would be engineApplyShaderToWorldTexture, but I think that would change all the buildings that share this model, which I don't want to since the original one would then look weird.
  15. Hello! Is there a way to add a black outline or something like that to the chat text? I've noticed there are lots of interface settings that can be changed for the chat, but couldn't find anything like that.
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