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  1. This may work. But I don't know how to make part of a ped to be invisible. I tried to make the texture invisible, but this is just a texture, the model is not hiding.
  2. Hello everyone! I have idea to create a cool system of customization non-cj skins, but I need some help. The idea is I want to create skin (via 3ds max) with a lot of clothes variants (shirts, pants, shoes and etc) and by scripting make visible only one (suppose shirt), but the rest of variants will be not visible so the playes would be able to set their own skin variant as they wish. But my skills in shaders very poor and I don't know how to hide or show specific ped part. Which shader I have to use? So I hope you will help me guys. There is system I think made same way (there is the demonstation video):
  3. Is there any way to disable mta sa setVehiclePlateText? The problem is I want to replace gta sa vehicle plates to my own by shaders, the new background of vehicle plates is working good but font of gta sa vehicle plates is very poor quality. I tried to replace txd 'platecharset', but it's not working. So I got that, font on vehicle plates in mta is mta sa own and I don't know how to replace it or disable mta sa vehicle plates, maybe someone knows or maybe it's not impossible Thank's for your help
  4. onPlayerWasted is server side event only, you can't use it client side.
  5. try this myShader = dxCreateShader ( "your filepath" , 0, 0, false, "vehicle" ) engineApplyShaderToWorldTexture ( myShader, "your texture", your vehicle element )
  6. try this local body = {"body1", "body2"} for _,Value in ipairs( body ) do local Row = guiGridListAddRow( GUIEditor.gridlist[1] ) guiGridListAddRow ( GUIEditor.gridlist[1], Row, Value ) guiGridListSetItemData ( GUIEditor.gridlist[1], Row, Value ) end
  7. I'm trying to use police and medical extra CJ's clothes but I have a bug with it (The model is broken at neck/head) The code is: addPedClothes(myelement, "medictr", "medictr", 17) or addPedClothes(myelement, "policetr", "policetr", 17) Screenshotes: Can anybody explain what's going on and how to fix it? Thank you
  8. kasya85

    ped color

    my attempts to remove "less light" have not been successful another way: the player's head is always white with no shadow effect I will be grateful if you say how to add "less light" to the player's head (it is object) Shader?!
  9. kasya85

    ped color

    Is "less light" texture which applied to a player or what? If it is then which texture I have to change?
  10. kasya85

    ped color

    what exactly shaders I have to use?
  11. kasya85

    ped color

    The ped's color changes when he is in the shadows. How to remove this effect? (Make ped's color only one color with no changing)
  12. which textures I have to change?
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