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  1. ic6x

    Mouse cursor problem

    Downloaded the latest version then updating it back when joining a server solved my problem, haven't tried to uninstall my mta....
  2. ic6x

    Mouse cursor problem

    Hello, Actually I'm not new to the game, I have played in various server since 2012 but I just registered myself because I need assistance about my problem because it's way too complicated. I'm using 2 monitors to play mta:sa, I played this game with no problem, I could do multiple task while playing such as browsing while playing, but now I have really annoying problem that almost makes the game to be unplayable. When I launched MTA:SA, usually the mouse cursor move smoothly, but now it lags, kinda like little skip everytime I moved my mouse, then I joined a server and the cursor still lags although at some part it doesn't usually I played with 2% of sensitivity in mta:sa settings and 1000 dpi from my manufacturer mouse software and it's fine, the sensitivity just normal until several minutes of playing my mouse sensitivity got killed, it's feels so heavy to move even look everything around me in third person view. I have tried anything including using mouse cursor lock, keyboard combination everytime launched the game, reinstall my mouse driver and software, plus using different mouse. Tried googling about my problem and there's no problem that is the same like me....