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  1. apart from LOE i want a bit of courage to talk to a girl a like...
  2. well you could be becuase you replied to it spammer. i am going to work on a movie next year - i hope. but like i said it was not my story
  3. that is so funny no one would expect gollum to do that!!
  4. lords of everquest, war of the ring, XII(it is called thirteen)
  5. their is use USB mouses and keboards dumbass
  6. faceness

    Stick fights

    dude gotta love http://www.joecartoon.com superfly all the way gerbils get killed frog in a blender
  7. is there a reason that the two applications are out of sync
  8. friggin 56.6kb i hope dad will let me get ADSL
  9. like i said in some other topic DAMN XBOX SUPPORTERS STOP GIVING BILL GATES ALL THAT MONEY HE HAS ENOUGH!! the XBOX controller sucks because it is to big to fit into peoples hands/fingers
  10. quite serious i am a slow dumbass compared to most
  11. indeed. can things like that be done by an ordinary person??
  12. if you guys are in australia you can go to gamedude so cheap!! so good!! http://www.gamedude.com.au
  13. everything about the matrix rocks
  14. how could you say that the matrix reloaded is bad everything about the matrix rocks
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