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  1. Can't install this, need a tutorial, the one the creator gives is vague, thank you. [script is called hedit]
  2. Since I didn't want to uninstall the game, because all the servers I play on are 2GB ish, I just noticed my MTA 1.5.2 so I went to the website and installed 1.5.3, I'm retarded.
  3. https://pastebin.mtasa.com/237988360
  4. Everytime I try and start MTA...
  5. It doesn't freeze anymore now that i opened up the 3GB access on CMD.
  6. OTBD, What does it Mean? Only The Best Drifters Now, it doesn't mean you have to have A+ drifting skills, it just means you're good with a team, and can have fun. There isn't much to join, you just must know how to: Change MTA nickname colors. Have basic English skills Play on Drop Club. if you're looking to join, reply, I would leave my Skype but for some reason it can't be found. Our team colours are Blue and White. :3
  7. Yeaah, it was, thank you.
  8. I'm not sure if it's Fraps, my video editing, or MTA, but this is what the outcome of my video looks like: Yeaaah... so, am I doing something wrong? I run MTA @ low settings because my PC can barely manage 30FPS recording, or is FRAPS? Any input, i'd be grateful for.
  9. I need help with the settings, right now my PC is bad, but not too bad, my game crashes randomly, so I need help solving it, it happens to multiple servers, so I know it's not a network issue. And RN everything is on Ultra Low. Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 / 2.4 GHz Quad-Core 1066 MHz Intel G33 Express LGA775 Socket 4GB Ram Hard Drive Type HDD Capacity 1 x 500 GB Interface Type SATA 3Gb/s Spindle Speed 7200 Features DataBurst Cache Type HDD Interface Class Serial ATA Installed Qty 1 Capacity 500 GB PROCESSOR Installed Qty 1 Max Supported Qty 1 Type Core 2 Quad Processor Number Q6600 Manufacturer Intel Clock Speed 2.4 GHz
  10. Iv'e installed everything there and now my PC runs awful..
  11. Sorry for awful quality.
  12. https://pastebin.mtasa.com/639886357 Theres the thing the MTAdiag gave me.
  13. OTBD|Crovic

    Random crashes

    I'm on an old Inspiron 530 and it'd a decent thing, but when I'm in a server (usually Drop Club) I just crash randomly, FPS is at a solid 30, and everything is running smooth, then it just freezes, and I have to rapidly click on it to close the window, any fixes? Do I need to wait until devs release a new patch?
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