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  1. louled chkoun 3andou server w ma 3andouch host i can help if your server is intersting contact me via PM https://www.facebook.com/amine.abdellewi.5 ps:i will ot reply here
  2. post the full code we cant help you like that we need that "action"
  3. to stop the sound it is better then the EventHandler
  4. function giveJetpack(thePlayer, commandName) -- Our function and arguments. if(givePedJetPack(thePlayer)) then -- Checks if the player got his jetpack, we don't need an output here since the player will clearly see the jetpack. return true -- end --ending the "if". elseif doesPedHaveJetPack(thePlayer) then -- Check if the player already has a jetpack. removePedJetPack(thePlayer) -- Remove the jetpack if he has one. return -- And stop the function here. end if(getPedOccupiedVehicle(thePlayer)) then -- Checks if the
  5. Amine#TN

    Help me

    put your script into <>
  6. function exemple () end bindKey ( player, "F1", "down", exemple ) that is more clear you can use that as an exemple you can change down to up down is when you press the botton and up when you leave the botton
  7. https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/Scripting_Introduction read this
  8. ok tell wich colum you want to add
  9. yes you can create a new script or you can just add the function in the scorebord file
  10. Amine#TN


    double click on that object and set the double side Value to true
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