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  1. Nametag visibility overhead is specific to each server if that is what you're referring to, this is a question you'll have to ask the server owner as it isn't related to the MTA client itself.
  2. Skully

    Help here

    onMarkerHit is a server-sided event, use OnClientMarkerHit client side, you can then use this to trigger an event on the server end to do what you need to. Keep in mind that you cannot use OnClientMarkerHit for markers created by the server.
  3. Skully


    Look through the code and search for instances of the event handler onPlayerJoin for player's joining the server, and onClientResourceStart for whenever the resource starts.
  4. Use string.find to check what characters are in a string.
  5. Use this section to find developers and staff. https://forum.mtasa.com/forum/149-looking-for-staff/
  6. You should consult the creator of the resource or show some code/errors that you're getting.
  7. See my previous response: If you don't see it that way I do, then I respect your perspective - this topic is to catch the eye of those who are looking to get their hands on a new project - there is no harm or fault in trying.
  8. I don't know if either of you have been a part of a team within a community but it follows the same principle as players being administrators or specific team members within servers, they do it completely voluntarily and expect nothing in return apart from the statuated position that they receive. You become an administrator if you want to assist players and uphold a position to assist a community in striving, and developers do the same by writing code and seeing their work being used in a live environment. We're not searching for developers that we're going to just throw under the bus an
  9. Yes, developers who code for the satisfaction and enjoyment of programming still exist. If you're not interested and are only in it for the money then feel free to move on.
  10. LOOKING FOR DEVELOPERS Are you a Lua programmer with experience in working on MTA:SA? Then we've got the perfect role for you! Emerald Gaming is searching for motivated developers to assist us in delivering high quality content to our community. This being quite a major task requires a skilled team of developers and that's where you come in! You'll be tasked with working on minor and major components of our scripts, working in collaboration with Lead Managers and the Design Team directly. Before applying for the position of a developer, you MUST meet the minimum requireme
  11. Please show the code which displays what triggers the event "serverRevivePlayer".
  12. A development update for July has been posted, take a first look at our faction system and other additions! Read the full update on our forums: https://forums.emeraldgaming.net/topic/129-development-update-4-july/
  13. A new development update for June has been posted which covers our interior system - check it out on our forums! https://forums.emeraldgaming.net/topic/96-development-update-3-june/
  14. On the server side where you use setPlayerWantedLevel, just below that add element data and sync it to the client with setElementData. setElementData(player, "wantedlevel", level, true) Replace the variables for player and level for whatever you have. Then in line 4 in the code I provided earlier, replace: if (getPlayerWantedLevel(player) >= 1) then With: if (getElementData(player, "wantedlevel") >= 1) then
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