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  1. I used to work from the $130/Month package, it provides slots for 200 online members and 20GB media storage which is more than enough. It all just depends on how many people you're expecting to use the forums, for something small and starting out, the $45/Month plan is probably the best.
  2. هل هذا الخادم لا يزال مفتوحا
  3. Is topic ik saal old hegi hai, muji lagta hei ryancit2 ab MTA kail ta ni hega lol
  4. Hi there, I'm curious as to how to change the stock MTA:SA themed GUI's, menus and buttons serversided. With the client you can download your own theme to change the look of everything, but how do you do it server-sided so the theme is applied to all players who join the server? Thanks!
  5. Brilliant server, highly recommend it for any law enforcement roleplay enthusiasts.
  6. This is taken from the old vG leaked scripts, you don't get assistance for using stolen scripts.
  7. Are you getting any errors or what's the issue? Performance will evidently be an issue if you're trying to download that many files at once and importing custom DFF/TXD files.
  8. You can use addVehicleSirens and setVehicleSirens. bool addVehicleSirens ( vehicle theVehicle, int sirenCount, int sirenType, [bool 360flag = false, bool checkLosFlag = true, bool useRandomiser flag = true, bool silentFlag = false ) bool setVehicleSirens ( vehicle theVehicle, int sirenPoint, float posX, float posY, float posZ, float red, float green, float blue, [float alpha = 255, float minAlpha = 0.0] )
  9. Try this to convert it to relative: local sizeX, sizeY = 400, 500 -- Window size local x, y = guiGetScreenSize() -- get screen size local myGui = guiCreateWindow(x/2-sizeX/2, y/2-sizeY/2, sizeX, sizeY, "My gui", false)
  10. This occurs if you're creating GUI's that aren't relative If the GUI is absolute, it calculates it's position on the screen depending on the resolution, where as if it's working from relative, the position is in accordance from 0 to 1. For example, setting the position to 0,2 would place it about 20% of the way across or down from one end to the other. See this for more info regarding the two.
  11. Was unable to reproduce this, what are you doing that's causing it to move back up top or bottom? Works fine for me.
  12. You can use setPedCameraRotation on the player when they teleport, and have it face whatever direction intended.
  13. Something like that yeah, prevent them from punching if they're near any door or whatever you define "object" to be. Hopefully only temporary until it's fixed.
  14. I understand the bug you're talking about, where you hit the door it swings open once and then returns back to it's solid state. Only thing I can suggest is to use scripts to prevent the usage of the bug, such as disable the ability to punch if a player is standing next to a door.
  15. Seeing as it's not in english I can't really tell much but 6GB RAM and 25GB storage should be plenty for a MTA server and website.