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  1. gang panel problem

    Sounds like the player isn't being removed from the database when they press leave. Are you getting any errors when someone attempts to leave their gang? Also double check your SQL query is correct and matches your database format/name.
  2. How to disable F8 Console?

    Removing the console itself completely is overkill and isn't particularly the best solution here, you can just adjust permissions for the commands.
  3. all resolution dx gui problem

    Why not make the windows larger than to fit the text?
  4. all resolution dx gui problem

    If you mean they don't fit the windows, you can try reducing the font size of the text.
  5. all resolution dx gui problem

    Code looks fine, try adjusting your screen resolution or make the GUI relative instead of absolute.
  6. [Help] onPlayerWasted issue

    Your elseif statement doesn't have a primary if statement to work from, try this. function updateTeamTables() table_allHumans = {} table_allHumansAlive = {} table_allZombies = {} table_allZombiesAlive = {} for k,v in ipairs(getElementsByType("player")) do if isPlayerInTeam(v, team_Humans) then table.insert(table_allHumans, v) if getElementData(v, "State") == "Alive" then table.insert(table_allHumansAlive, v) end elseif isPlayerInTeam(v, team_Zombies) then table.insert(table_allZombies, v) if getElementData(v, "State") == "Alive" then table.insert(table_allZombiesAlive, v) end end end end addEventHandler("onPlayerWasted", root, function(ammo, attacker, weapon, bodypart) updateTeamTables() for k,v in ipairs(getElementsByType("player")) do if getElementData(v, "zp_Class") == "Spectator" then setspectator(v) end end if getElementData(source, "zp_Class") == "Zombie" then if attacker ~= nil and isElement(attacker) then setspectator(source) local scr = getElementData(attacker, "Score") setElementData(attacker, "Score", tonumber(getElementData(attacker, "Score")+2)) end elseif getElementData(source, "zp_Class") == "Zombie" and #table_allZombiesAlive == 1 then outputChatBox("true", root) end local dths = getElementData(source, "Deaths") setElementData(source, "Deaths", tonumber(dths + 1)) setElementData(source, "State", "Dead") setElementData(source, "zp_Class", "None (Dead)") local allHumans = getPlayersInTeam(team_Humans) local allZombies = getPlayersInTeam(team_Zombies) end)
  7. Work depends on the player's level

    What do you mean work dependency? Are you talking about using that resource within your own scripts? The resource looks like it provides exported functions which you can use in your own work, have a look at the functions that are available. You're also better off getting assistance from the resource creator rather than here.
  8. Vice City Roleplay is back and we're excited to show everyone the server! Visit the nostalgic map of Vice City through MTA: San Andreas and see how this new roleplaying environment affects you. With a fully functional script which gives you support to roleplay to your full extent, multiple legal and illegal factions, you'll always have something to do. Along with new updates being pushed weekly by the development team, be prepared experience Vice City like never before. Join @ mtasa:// Website: Forums:
  9. [Release]thisdp's Dx GUI System

    @thisdp Do you plan to make GuiEditSetMasked?
  10. [Release]thisdp's Dx GUI System

    Did you test with the latest from the GitHub? I didn't change anything and I'm using the one from there.
  11. [Release]thisdp's Dx GUI System

    @thisdp Is the combobox working? I'm getting this error everytime I try to make one. dgs\functions.lua:239: attempt to index field '?' (a nil value) This is the code I'm testing it with; addEventHandler("onClientResourceStart", resourceRoot, function() mainWindow = exports.dgs:dgsDxCreateWindow(0.65, 0.59, 0.22, 0.14, "ComboBox Window", true) testCombo = exports.dgs:dgsDxCreateComboBox(0.09, 0.27, 0.52, 0.54, true, mainWindow) exports.dgs:dgsDxComboBoxAddItem(testCombo, "Test Item") end ) I'm on update 2.75.
  12. ؟dxCenter/c.lua ما مدى حجم الملف هو رمز داخل العمل؟
  13. set position

    You'd have to adjust the freeroam code so that when the player clicks on the point they want to go to, it sets their location up into the sky, look for setElementPosition and change the z position so something like z + 500. The player should then spawn wherever they click but high up in the sky and can parachute.
  14. Wastage of Servers and players

    Do you realise that servers are player hosted so you can't just 'take them down' because no one plays on them lol