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  1. Battle of Teams will be updated next week. Post suggestions on what you would like to see on our forum. Matches for single player league will start next week. Matches for the team league will also start next week no matter how much gangs have joined by then. So if you and/or your gang wants to rule Vice City sign up for the team and/or single player league or hide like a chicken. Hope to see you all soon. This league is going to work only with your support. GreetZ Da B*o*T
  2. A whole webteam to make a site I alone make in maybe four days. And isn't it about time to finish it and start fighting?
  3. Yes for now that is almost true. The referee only have to count the own team member kills and he has to post the results on the page with a form. He can easily get the score by taking a screenshot and then deduct the own team member kills (when someone kills their own teammate). Then the scores will be there right after the match. I mean with automatic that the scores will be filled in and then the kills etc go in the database. It adds the points kills per member and kills per team and it keeps the game stats also so you can see how many each player killed in the match. That the teams have to
  4. Sorry I mean automated compared to other leagues.
  5. Sorry about the ten clans that was to ULK. I also not say I have the only league. Did not think my English was so confusing though. I want the people to make their own decision on which league to join. I only post a message that the league is back and I get a lot of comments suddenly. I am sorry but I have to reply to them especially if they are untrue. But I do not see the problem of me having a league. I just saying come check it out some time nothing more nothing less. Unfortunately I need thirty posts for it. I could better spend the time on making the league better and bigger. It is m
  6. Have I said there were many teams??? Can't remember First only people of another team then the ones playing can be a referee. Make their own servers nothing to do with trust People will complaint when a referee is unfair or there has been cheating involved. There must be made a screenshot of the score wich will be uploaded to the site by the ref. All other people also take a screenshot for proof if something is wrong. People can check there own kills in the game by going to game stats. When something is wrong they will complain. You have to give a valid email to make it more difficult
  7. I do not spam and I did not spend a year on that league. Maybe you talk about the tread in gangsofgta forum? Look also in this one then and you know why. The league is already ready for matches since at least 16 october last year. Thats when the forum got online but the league was there earlier but I do not know precisely when. GreetZ Da B*o*T
  8. The only thing that makes me qualified is that I have the league and I think that is most important. Maybe I am a noob maybe not but who cares. The point is that we want a mass league finally. Where you can have a team battle every day if you want to. And about the gangs. I added an option where the teams can choose wheter to participate in the league or just register their gang. I still have to change the search query on the league stat page for them to be filtered. But as far as I can remember there were two teams who did that. I think it were the two russian ones. But another thing. Maybe
  9. 1 we are not comparable with manual leagues 2 The rules are for the people to decide. Actually it is their site. I only make it for them. 3 It would be great if you gave it a try sometime KungFuGrip. 4 Thanks for the complement Oli 5 Did I mention we have all kinds of stats and much more to come Just joking this time but it is true. GreetZ Da B*o*T
  10. Hi all a message from me again. I do not understand nobody wants to have a league. I thought Vice City was meant for single and team league play. I own the best system at this moment to have single player or team leagues but there are only 30 people yet. I was hoping for a far greater league with maybe 100 teams and 1000 single players. But the league must go on! So when no teams or players join anymore we will start the leagues next week. I am waiting for almost a year now with my complete league system for the league to get started and it will. Even if it will be with only two players I do n
  11. Hey full clipp and deathB you should fight it out on battleofteams.com you see It is totally cool Everyone could rule Hope to see you there but keep it fair. GreetZ Da B*o*T
  12. You can delete my message but this topic belongs to the ladder one. Come play a real ladder some day at http://www.battleofteams.com. I made it for us so we can have some excitement with lots of statistics.
  13. Hey all we got a ladder for teams and for single player. It is suiteble for every country. Together we will make it work! cya soon at http://www.battleofteams.com GreetZ Da B*o*T
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