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  1. Shoot, read this tread and get all hyped up and be like "yeah, I get to explain this" and then Bcrt2000 explains it, heh. But yeah, this is one of my thoughts as Vice City draws near to the PC. Someone told me it was going to be Multiplayer, which I highly doubt (stupid rumors). But since Vice City is basically Liberty City was added features, same game engine and code, I read somewhere the car data files were edited with one of the public mod programs. So if we get lucky, they left the scrapped multiplayer code in the game like Liberty City, and the MTA guys rework the mta program to work with that (which probably won't be easy). I'm hoping I can pop in the mod vehicles into the game, I need my 67 Shelby Cobra Mustang. Also, someone please make a 65 Pontiac GTO Vehicle for GTA3, I see Carmagedon has one, I like the mustang, but I hate ford.
  2. Lag is a very interesting thing, and make sure you remember the full force of lag itself. Now yes, it would not suprise me if MTA did not work with a 56k, 56k is old new (old news I still have), but you also get to add in other factors. Lag is not always generated by the thing you are trying to access, like the Host Server for MTA. Just because you're signal is slow doesn't mean its the server, since that signal must past X number of servers to reach its desination. So if you signal must travel past 19 network servers to reach the MTA Host, if a fat lady sits on Server 12 squeezing that path, you lag. So basically you're best games will be from your own PC of course, and your worse games will be when you try to play that asian team from Japan half way around the world. But I'm sure the MTA guys will make everything wounderful, even if you need broadband (but hopefully not).
  3. Ok, well first of all I am going to state for the fact I didn't say lets me a MMORPG or whatever that term you people are using. I am a writer and a roleplayer, and I can see the logic in roleplaying with GTA, but to make an online game out of it.....I mean I run an Online Text RPG, but RPG and GTA do not mix. If people wish to do so, hey, more power to ya. Basically the only thing I'd want to see "RP" like, would be lots and lots of player created gangs. As I said, I like roleplaying, but the whole idea of a Liberty City Online was the pure fact it would be nothing but total chaos, explosions going off, cars burning, windows exploding, you know, the things that make you smile.
  4. Ok, I really didn't want to take up the space of another thread to ask a simple question, and I hate to sound like a newbie, but how do you take screen pics of games, and or movies. I've tried Fraps, and it doesn't want to work right. Last time I was taking screen pictures was on my P2 266 Packard Bell with games like Duke Nukem and Samerai Showdown, which was simple print screen. Only last year I finally upgraded to a nice modern 1.4 gigahertz system, and just in time for GTA for PC. And as for the two Multiplayer Mods. I don't see the need for slitting of throats and name bashing, which some has gone on. I just read on their forums a note from the MTA Team with a nice pleasent comment on their client. First off, none of these people will make a dollar from this, unless Rockstar picks them up (which from the recent e-mail, I'd say they're at least going to wait and watch). At the moment, I'd say GGM has the upper hand, at least from my spectrum. I've tried MTA, it didn't work, ended up with garage after garage of burning vehicles. Its probably something that can easily be fixed, and the answers found on this forum, but I choosed to wait for MTA 0.3. Now reading the GGM stuff, I have made that multiplayer mod work. Yeah, can't kill people, the cars basically powered by coffee, the jitters show, nothing is synced, and even after hours of play last night, I had trouble syncing with a friends character, mainly standing in the same spot, but not seeing each other. Now if you read the GGM site, it is a singular guy, and he started this project about a year ago, dropped it, and restarted it when he noticed that MTA and others were still playing the game. All I'm going to say is, its all for the good. The GGM guy doesn't want to work with MTA, that's fine, but who knows, the more people working on a multiplayer program, even if not on the same team, the more power we, the users get. If everyone stays friendly, knowledge is shared, and advances are made. All in all, it benefits us, the krakhead addicted players of GTA3 (and for me, GTA1 to GTA Vice). *Steps from his soap box*
  5. Well, I will state right off I keep saying "This isn't for the MTA Guys", the only involvement they would have is the development of MTA itself. I'm talking me, myself and I, and anyone else who could possibly be interested in developing such a thing. I'm very curious now how much bandwidth the MTA uses, compared to everything else. I'm not talking about setting up some sparking smoking server in my closet hooked up to a 14.4k modem, I'm talking about a professional server hooked up to commerical T1 and T3 lines. I don't know, everyone seems so concern over the bandwidth, which a server I'm talking about doesn't have a limiter, since I own it.
  6. MMORPGs, which basically is another name for those evil and stupid games like Everkrak, and Ultima Online, etc. MUDs or Multi-User-Dungeons are totally texted based, played through client programs designed for its game play. As for server power, it would be 1 or possibly 2 GTAs running on a server, probably only one though. And as for the network, well, MTA says you can have 2 to 30 people at a time multiplaying, so I mean if a server cannot handle 30 people playing, then the idea doesn't work. A super computer would only be needed if you created a massive online enviroment where hundreds of people could login to the same place. And even so, I wouldn't image GTA Multiplaying would eat that much bandwidth. Of course its going to be a higher bandwidth eater than your web browser, etc etc (I won't compare muds, as I said, they are 10 year old technology, the 14.4k modem didn't excist when muds were born, but they are still seen as bandwidth hogs by most servers since its a constant input/output system). And if a hosting server cannot support 30 players, that would mean no one could support that amount of players with broadband. But the idea for the moment would be to maybe attempt this idea. I mean there is no need for one person to control all the GTA Online Servers, that is how faceless corperations are born. Basically for a GTA server, you would go rent yourself a server, and run one yourself, an independant operation. And for the MTA team, this whole idea really has nothing to do with MTA, meaning they would not need to specially code and create something in the MTA Prog, they would just need to continue their developments and advancements, as they do now. This idea was just something I thought of last night. Basically I have the idea and the easy access to get a server for this. But as any idea and or project, there needs to be people who know how to code and work the GTA System, and of course, money.
  7. But there are ways of keeping the Evil Faceless Corperations from grabbing onto this system. MUDs are copyrighted so they can be ran, but cannot generate money for the owner. I've ran one for 5 years, 35 bucks a month, a profit of -2100. Somewhat small change, but still. The idea of it is based on using the work of MTA, but it would not generate money. It could be kept a free thing with the right copyrighting. Of course per say this became popular, Rockstar would probably buy everyone out, which could be refused, but I don't know, I'd probably take the money since we all gotta make a living. But even so, it would be fun.
  8. Now here is food for mind, now this isn't a suggestion for the next upgrade, but a thought of an outcome. I've been in the gaming business in one sort or another, basically on the opposite end of the spectrum the MTA Team is at, I've ran a text based MUD for 5 years, good amount of crowd. I'm sure MUDs are probably a joke to most video gamers. But that is totally besides the point of this thread. Now as it is, basically a friend "hosts" a game, and other friends link up, and play. But what about setting it up so people would per say connect to an always running GTA3 Server. Basically a liberty city that was always online. Then people could link up to the server, meet friends, play, basically the idea of Everkrak, and the other video online games. But ever since I played GTA3 (and of course, gta1/L/2), having the city online 24/7 with X number of people running about.....Its been a dream to see an online Libery City with nothing but total chaos from hundreds of living players blowing everything up. And as a quick thought, I think it could be done easily. Setup a stand alone Windows OS Server with GTA3 Installed and listed as a server online. All you'd need is a way to recycle players in the game, without the loading and alt f12 thing. And then slowly could mod different cities, so you could have a Regular Liberty City server, than one with modifications, like the Inter-City Highway, or Miss Liberty. You could organize each city, so everyone could load up certain graphics, cars, and such, so everyone online would have the same vehicles. And I personally think with this kind of system, you could possibly turn the MTA System into a whole new level. This could possibly be already on the MTA's minds. But whatever the case, if this whole idea is possible, I'm going to be there. I'm partners with a hosting company for web pages, and online games, at the moment only text based linux games like MUDs. But with a little work, a server, and a static IP, this whole thing would work. That's just my opinion, I could be wrong.
  9. Ok, well I don't want to sound like a hill billy who knows nothing about computers, which is what I feel my first and previous post sounded like. After further investigation, I saw the matrix. Anyone who is attempted to use this mod, when hitting ALT-F12, make sure you are connected, make sure your "version" on the MTA is correct, ane make sure one person is server, one person is host. The Error 40006 is basically the MTA blowing its brains out from an error, which at least to my knowledge is typically fixed with an error message that doesn't crash the system. As for the 40020 error, that's with the in-game chat. I just spent the last few hours working on this with a friend, I will say we were unsuccessful at it, but its probably my modem connection. It worked once....until he cut me off coming out of the garage. Can't wait till .3.
  10. Got the 40006 bug, this is the first time I've tried and used the Multi Theft Auto, gotta say Satan Blesses you all. I always had the idea of multiplayer GTA3, since Rockstar said they were going to do it, and never did, didn't know there was fragments left in the GTA3 code for it too. Always been a dream to see Liberty City with 100 different people running around, randomly killing. GTA3 V1.0 (with NOCD, Inter-City Highway, Miss Liberty, and Assorted Cars) Dell 1.4 Gig with 256 Ram 32mb GeForce 400 MX Windows XP Pro
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