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  1. if string.find(text, "46.") then <<<<<<< THIS basically return u true on every number(string) where in text it found numbers like 46 460 046 , 464646 46000... basically every time it goes true when the 46 is writed, and what u want to do?
  2. I will start this as intro , to be more understandable, then i will make some questions and if answer is negative,thet it may be new suggestion Intro : Some time while searching in mappings and stuff, replacing model files and skins, object ids to create gold bars and stuff... i start to have problem, there is no more Objects to replace or take that is not in game ... There was some script with cinema, basically that panel replaced some walls, that is in outside world or some interiors... also in casino the tables are hockey helmets now... That may be about first stuff Second :
  3. Hello, dunno, but problem is that i cant get into my account.... it says invalid ID.... all time... and even password reset wont work out, 2 days i wait till it send to email reset but nothing happens... help.. How can i reset pass or recover account in resource page?
  4. Why do u think someone will pay u for scripts? I think mtasa.com is like free community who make and share they scripts, gain inspiration, and aint letting gta sa die, then i could do the animal script sellable for dunno 10 euros? also u aint first one who maked yyoutube panel.. this topic and script confuses me...
  5. .... I dont know how to explain... I will show u how i do this For ftp i use Filezilla/ winscp I log in to server then next i download something from mtasa.com then i merge it so it will work with other scripts (i edit scripts , example ,army mission etc) then i just upload it to resources folder in FTP and last i just upload script folder in it go to game panel and restart server... END...
  6. Edit : taked week, but i did explored something, its after server updates.. or somewhere in main structure like acl (but dont know place) is something that makes these peds unshootable :(... still need help
  7. well ... by lookin on error Ur server missing file .... somehow u need file joinquit.lua who have 0 value... If i get this right , then MD5 is some hash string, who need some value but u have 0 or other words its empty... 1 to do check if that joinquit.lua is not empty...
  8. Hello , first of all sorry if i ain't posted it in right place... Umm, so i will start with that , i searched in google already but only i found was how to make opposite i need... So i recently downloaded mission script ( that one who is here https://community.multitheftauto.com/index.php?p=resources&amp;s=details&amp;id=13689 ) I basically try to build something new using already done scripts by editing them - Some server like post apocalyptic , like Role-Play, but not exactly, okay that's not important . I have problem with this script i mentioned before, its use
  9. Hello amm at start - english is not my native, so i say sorry already about that... Now i will start about problem , where i cant find help, i will try to get it there... So what happened, not so long time ago - 2017 , dec... i surfed in internet, and i found something called mta sdk ( i just get UCP i guess werry broken, because rightfull owners just gived this one away in github open source full ucp) so i taked it and reedited it so much , that its worked for me too... ( bases are same open source i mean ) soo.... in this ucp are some PHP scripts about mta("IP" "port" "Name
  10. Two years passed and i thinked out, those flying tains.... why nobody thinks to add train only on LEFT sided rails?? those Ghosting when train goes offroad is only on RIGHT side rails, because RIGHT sided is used in main mission GTA SA , where cj jumps on trains, So it went offroad, because of main programm, so, just add trains on left side rails and it will drive whole circle in MTA map... works for me, only i cant edit that because somebody compiled it
  11. Hello again! So introduction why i write.. Well i watched youtube of old scripts, and find out one interesting script, who i added to my serv Job-System.... i updated the script and added new stuffs, to work smooth with server, Idea was that i remaked this script and make it usefull, and it worked... only now i got some problems... So how it works Script is - Client sided (job system , markers, outputchatbox, etc) because i dont need that chatbox show how many trees left to all players when they aint working or they roleplaying.. next is woods (client sided) script w
  12. Aint working... well output is working, but i still can punch doors... also i got this warning LUA 4: Bad argument @ 'getElementType' [Expected element at argument 1, got boolean] [DUP x3] Outpuchatbox is spaming all time when i dont look, aim on doors, then there is no warnings, but when i aim straigt on doors it say that there is no element but only bool
  13. okay just tyed another style function onPlayerTarget (targetElem, thePlayer ) if ( getElementModel ( targetElem ) == 1557 ) then local px, py, pz = getElementPosition(source) local x, y, z = getElementPosition(targetElem) if tonumber(getDistanceBetweenPoints3D(x, y, z, getElementPosition(source))) < 20 then toggleControl ( source, "fire", false ) else toggleControl ( source, "fire", true ) end end end addEventHandler ( "onPlayerTarget", root, onPlayerTarget ) Now it just push some Warnings : expected
  14. .... maked a function in object client sided file.... got new problems... - debugscript 3 aint show any errors, but togglecontrol aint working.. Maked object with id 1557 its doors. then i put them on ground, and do protect on it, next i got cords of door, example 0 0 0 then i walk to 20 0 0 or 0 20 0 because in script i make that if doors x y z , player x y z < 20 then togglecontrol("fire" false) but it aint falsing... i guess i make some mistake in function start wehere i define a doors, but on other scripts where objects defined like that it works... here is function i us
  15. So i need to add some function that will find nearby elements who is about "x" feets ahead player? Amm i guess like this one? function objFix (? , ? ) local px, py, pz = getElementPosition(thePlayer) local doors = getElementsByType("object") for k, v in ipairs(doors ) do if isElement( v ) and getElementModel( v, "doors") == 1557 and ((ETC objects )) then local x, y, z = getElementPosition(object) if getDistanceBetweenPoints3D( x, y, z, px, py, pz ) < 2 then toggleControl("fire",false) else toggleControl("fire", true) end end e
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