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  1. Price: [20$] The Garage is for sale, and if you need more features or redesign Contact me on Discord: !AP.#5047 Skype: live:ramoosx1
  2. I do not have a photography program, but I can send you some pictures
  3. addEventHandler("onPlayerWasted", root, function(_, killer) if killer and killer ~= source and getElementType(killer) == "player" then outputChatBox("Test",killer) end end)
  4. الكود منشور بس جربة شوفة بيشتغل معك ولا buttons = { ['tab'] = true, } addEventHandler( 'onClientKey', root, function (button , prees) if prees then if buttons[button] then cancelEvent() end end end)
  5. Price: [10$] Discord: !AP.#2430 Skype: live:ramoosx1
  6. #Raa

    Server list spam

    I would like to report about a Fake Server that using My server name ! Real Server: mtasa:// Fake Server: mtasa:// My server name is used in more than one server [BlackOps] Thank you I will report a fake server that uses my server name! The real server: mtasa:// Counterfeit server: mtasa:// Counterfeit server: mtasa://
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