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  1. Great, so please tell me when OVH opened a DC in Germany, where our servers are located?
  2. Aight, let me know if you have any further queries.
  3. Aight, I'll clear that up for you. http://prntscr.com/ek93lj I just mentioned the topology, when he asked me about the CPU. I mentioned the frequency only when he asked me about dedis that we sell, and the host node (can't remember clearly), anyway here's the transcript. http://prntscr.com/ek94np I never mentioned that much frequency per vCore.
  4. There's a reason for the 3 days no questions asked refund policy, right? Everything doesn't work out for everybody. If it doesn't work for for you, you're welcome to get a refund. Did we ever, in our plan specs, mention the frequencies of our vCores? There's a reason why we write vCores instead of only cores, right?
  5. Did I? And your calculation is wrong, because you didn't consider the hyperthreading part. So, users of the lowest plan get to use 1.8 GHz - 2 GHz(burst). You're going around in circles, comparing the sharing of CPU to cokes. Ofcourse I won't be charging each person the price of full bottle if I give him 1/8th of it, right?
  6. We did stress test using 16 VMs, replicating an environment when all VPSes would use full CPU. And all cores being in constant use is a very rare occurrence in a production environment. Under high load, people will ofcourse notice lag under high usage, isn't that what should be the case? You can't expect to run a high load application in the lowest plan and not experience lag.
  7. Users end up getting somewhere near the 900 MHz mark, when these limits are imposed, and these days, I've been able to let things run normally without running into CPU issues, We've had no complaints about the availability of CPU, so I'm pretty confident that things are running smooth
  8. You're getting dedicated CPU space at last, right? Processing power, on the CPU, is reserved for you, depending on what plan you choose. About the other costs and rack info,we're in a RTO contract with another partner who takes care of it. However, we've recently started renting servers from Hetzner directly for Germany location.
  9. No overselling 4 vCores = 1 Dedicated thread 2 Threads = 1 Physical Core. for each GB of RAM, you get 1 vCore. We have 32 GB RAM on our main nodes. So, 32 vCores are allocated to VMs. I hope this makes it clear. And the rack is shared (I don't pay for the rack alone, there are other partners and customers who pay for colo in that rack). We don't make much profit, but the pricing's just sustainable. Let me know if you have any other queries.
  10. Hi everyone, You can contact me too if you need any help, or want any custom deal Edit: It's a recurring 25% discount. That means you don't need to pay more for renewal in next month.