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  1. A first responder is someone responding to an emergency, which is why we have a structured Police & Emergency Services system.
  2. SAPD:FR from what I understand is with AI. Our intent was no where near that. We have a Police Structure that is based off of real-players, and the civilians are real people whom you can interact with via local voice or text chat.
  3. The whitelist is 100% free of charge. We do not have an option to donate at all currently. To become an official member, all you must do is complete a simple form. http://safrp.net/index.php?/topic/16-application/
  4. Keyword "Clan" - currently we are open to the public so people can see what we have to offer, so people can then apply for divisions, or as regular civilian.
  5. San Andreas: First Responders What is SA:FR? SA:FR is a Police RP Clan designed to create immersive fun for everyone. For a short period of time, everyone is welcome to join and play. We are planning to make it a strict white-list only server in the near future. You can be a Civilian, SAST1, or Emergency services2 (1,2=which must be applied for). We have a very light script to make it more playable. We have plenty of mods to add the realism. We move RP locations a couple times a day usually to not get bored of the same location over and over again. We welcome people from
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