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  1. Mantos12


    becacuse tunisia dont have any paypal or mastercard @sia
  2. i can help you. i am [CIN]Mustafa
  3. hello sir. i think my mta is bugged some times i playing normaly some script not working for me but its working for everyone when i restart the mta its working for me after 5 6 hour like that i dont know excatly its be bugged again first time its got happen like that when my ban is got expring thats first happen to me i dont know what i gonna do thanks for helping me
  4. Hello sir we started one server in CIN also very good if you just start join there you like it directe its like cit2 <3 also everything its there its cnr cops robber and etc turfs war join us enjoy
  5. Mantos12

    hacker on mta

    i have already gived up for it you can even ask ccw that i will not do it -.-
  6. Mantos12


    stfu amin you big lier
  7. Mantos12


    look at my server cin alot people there
  8. Mantos12


    this guy called amin was banned me in mta he asked ccw to ban me i dont do anything i playing my normaly server in cin server if i has hacking player cin server was get 0 player as you can see there alot of people there love me this amin want me be banned in mta he want ban me bec i dont give him host in mta thats all he keep asking for give him host unban me please
  9. Mantos12

    hacker on mta

    i dont hack him he is lier ccw banned me with out reason -.- all my friend playing my server cin and if i has got hack people like that people was leaving my server not playing my server i dont understand why ccw do this to me