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  1. Wow, This forum is like a daytime cereal. The plots change but never enough to miss a few episodes. Nice to see you are still around Ron. talk to you soon kfg kfckungfu@gmail.com
  2. Wow, This forum is like a daytime cereal. The plots change but never enough to miss a few episodes. Nice to see you are still around Ron. talk to you soon kfg kfckungfu@gmail.com
  3. oh... ok I was just looking out for you buddy
  4. Welcome to last month you are gonna have to change your name buddy... there is already a DeathB, he is in KFC ;p
  5. He's actually in KFCr j/k I talked to XCripsy and I guess him and Db worked something out but I don't know where it stands now. XC is free to recruit whoever he wants. Im fine with it but I wish XCripsy knew how to use a forum so things can be official when he lets ppl in...
  6. [KFC]KungFu


    This thread reminds me of the Japanese guys who were found stranded on deserted islands 40 years after WWII the war is over... everyone moved on... What is the purpose of a gang without a game? There is enough loyaty in this mod and in some of our gangs, ULK an KFC and some others for sure... that when the next great version is out we will return.
  7. [KFC]KungFu


    You can just read this thread to find out why we aren't that enthused to get the site up in a big hurry. Hope all are well... including you too betty Server, IRC and TS are still going This is sort of a dupe topic so if the admin are still zealots you can feel free to delete this one and keep the sticky I'll pm the mods to update the info... We still enjoy MTA 0.5 from time to time. look forward to seeing the new DM, one day
  8. This is shocking I knew him very well through this game. I started KFC back in Nov 2003 and he joined a few months later and helped me build the gang. I have spoken to him about many many things and given him advice etc... He had some balls and he was stubborn. That made for some interesting times. I was always sure he would be a sucess and go on to big things. Im a tad older and Im old enough to know I didn't even begin living at 18. It's just plain tragic. KFC wouldn't have been a gang without him... don't know if that belongs in an obituary but he had leadership skills and he wasn
  9. Non Blasta please stay out thanks ODoule rules!!!
  10. Originally I was lazy and just put the link to my post in the KFC forum Later I cut pasted the text. The Mac forums link is still there Im not interested in advertising the KFC forum... I'd like a few less people there to be honest. Look at the stats of that forum compared to any other MTA gang
  11. I think that because they have taken what seems like forever to release this they want to wait just that much longer to get it right. If they pumped it out in a few months people would be more forgiving of bugs but the flames that will come if this one is buggy will be worse because of the time it took to develope. I think it's damned if you do and damned if you don't. Some asshole is going to complain no matter how perfect this is. However, I think this race mod has the potential to reach a much wider audience than MTA ever has attracted before. I know personally of at least 10 people I
  12. [KFC]KungFu

    Google OS?

    http://kfc.wojjie.net/forum/viewtopic.p ... highlight=
  13. Last years list http://forum.mtavc.com/viewtopic.php?t= ... +christmas - [MC]KoalFu
  14. If you ever shot ahead of someone to hit them ... you glitched If you ever jumped or crouched or switched weapons while using any weapon with reload amins... you glitched If you ever helijacked someone so they would die... you glitched MTA is a glitch... anyone who has even been any good at MTA has used glitches... The "holier than thou" ppl say it's a not a glitch if you didn't mean it... I say if you shoot from your asshole or kneecap or appear behind me in an instant I don't care how you did it... it's not fair. Since MTA hasn't been able to eliminate the glitches the only recourse I s
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