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  1. [HELP]ACL Event

    Is there an event that is activated when an acl group is changed?
  2. Sniper Alpha HELP!

    if getControlState ( "aim_weapon" ) and ( ped == localPlayer ) and getPedWeapon(localPlayer) == 34 then setElementAlpha ( element, 0 ) end use this in the bone_attach_c file
  3. [HELP]Weapon Event

    Is there an event that runs when the player changes weapons or looks like this?
  4. New Weapons

    Thanks man, it helped a lot. Last question, how can I make it replace only m4, is it possible? As shown in the picture, if you have a shotgun or other weapon in your hand it will also replace.
  5. New Weapons

    How can I do this?
  6. New Weapons

    But how can I make the player use the weapon created?
  7. New Weapons

    Do you know how they created it?
  8. New Weapons

    Does anyone have a script that does this, or do you know how to make these new weapons? If yes please teach me !!
  9. Exclusive Weapons TXD

    How can I do this?
  10. Exclusive Weapons TXD

    is it possible for all players to see the texture I'm using in my gun but only I'm using it? Example: I'm using a golden weapon texture and everyone on the server is watching it, but they're using another one.