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  1. PS - If you missed the broadcast last year, here are some of the submissions we received from our winner, JoeJoe (hear where the phrase "guaranteed to keep the biggest pussies tight!" originated from!): http://stasis.org/~xhumeka/audio/KATMAT.mp3 http://stasis.org/~xhumeka/audio/MAXXLAX.mp3 http://stasis.org/~xhumeka/audio/SUPERSYANYDE.mp3 http://stasis.org/~xhumeka/audio/bradys.mp3 http://stasis.org/~xhumeka/audio/callsign.mp3 http://stasis.org/~xhumeka/audio/crackmart.mp3 http://stasis.org/~xhumeka/audio/diet.mp3 http://stasis.org/~xhumeka/audio/dumass.mp3 http://stasis.org/~xhumeka/audio/newsbulletin.mp3
  2. Once again we are looking for radio commercials for our NYE live to air radio broadcast! We had a tonne of fun last year with some GREAT commercial submissions, and will have more of the same this year. Prizes for most creative submissions. For more info check out: http://clan420.ath.cx
  3. I don't think I'd be offended either, but some of us have thicker skin than others... Fact is, it's a racist mission... Rockstar even publically acknowledged this. You said you didn't notice anyting racist... well, if that isn't racist, I don't know what is.
  4. lmao... you didn't??? Obviously you didn't get to the objective that tells you to, "KILL ALL THE HAITIANS!!!" http://www.wehaitians.com/an%20extremel ... 0game.html http://www.gamespot.com/ps2/action/gran ... 85346.html And I mean this is just one example... if you've played the game all the way through and you didn't think it was racist - then you obviously are too.
  5. you da man Kung Lao!! Thanks for the quick reply too!!
  6. I'm curious about how wildcards work too, cause I can't for the life of me get it to work. My IP address on my mta computer is If I shut down the server, enter that ip address into my banned.lst file, then load the server again, I am banned. I can't enter. However, If I try to use a wildcard for the ban, no such luck. No matter how I try, I can't ban myself using a wildcard... i can always enter the server. EACH time I shut down the server, modify the banned.lst file, then load the server again... so I know it refreshes the data. I have tried the following combinations: 192.168.1.** 192.168.* 192.168.*.* 192.168* (and many others... but you get the picture) As well as manually entering the wildcard bans into the banned.lst file, I used the admin tool to try to ban ip 192.168.* When I do that, it adds 192.168. to my banned.lst file... no * or anything... but it still doesn't keep me out of the server. I also tried using a "clean" banned.lst file (only 1 or 2 ips listed... not a big file). How does wild card banning work??
  7. If you guys are informatic engineering students, wouldn't it just be easier to "obtain" admin access rather than try to jump through all these loopholes just to play mta??? Common... gaining admin access is WAY easier than what you're trying to do, even if you DID have the source code... Even if you don't have any computer knowledge I think it would be easier to social engineer the password outta someone as opposed to the route you're taking here... Work smarter, not harder!
  8. could it have something to do with the fact that I'm not running the admin server on the default port? cause all our other admins get booted from the NORMAL admin tool too, not the irc one. The official admin tool... they can connect, but within 60 seconds or so they get timed out...
  9. I keep getting "disconnected, timed out" messages... I can connect, load the script, START the script, but then I'll time out from the server before 1 minute is up ALWAYS. This makes no sense to me, since I'm connecting to localhost ( Why would I time out connecting to a server on my local machine???? There should be NO latency??? It works great while I'm connected, but as soon as I get timed-out the script stops working... is there a way to run it without needing to be connected to the mirc admin tool? not sure if this image will help, but here's what constantly happens:
  10. Nice work dealer, I like!! So that info is pulled from ASE? So for example, if someone started a new server would it automatically appear on that page, or would you have to add it manually? Great work though, VERY useful!!
  11. EXACTLY Outback... quit with the lip service, and let's see some pr00f... For all you cable modem advocates out there, run the speed test at speakeasy, and post your results. Let's see in general which comes out faster, cable or DSL. Here's the speed test URL, accurate up to 5mbps: http://www.broadbandreports.com/stest?loc=97 Quit saying cable is faster simply because that's what mommy and daddy pay for, so you hope it's true. Here's my DLS connection from home, from Bell Sympatico DSL: http://www.broadbandreports.com/speedte ... 1074000231
  12. crUshed420


    that question is like asking, "I live in a city, how many people are there?". Find out your connection specs, or do a speedtest and post your results. For great speedtests, go to: http://www.broadbandreports.com/stest?loc=97 and click "start test". then post the URL of your results and we can tell you how many people you can host.
  13. Wow, that's even more than I guessed... much more! 600-700 kilo-bytes per second??? OUCH!!!
  14. hahahahahah... you're just FULL of useless drivel aren't you...
  15. We are looking for a street race Saturday night, around 8pm EST. Our preferred rules: Checkpoints (i prefer letting the driver pick his/her own course, but i'm not set in stone about this) Each clan creates a course, and both courses are raced. Best 2/3 for each race. Number of racers is open for discussion We will exchange race courses preferably by tonight (Friday) so that we can practice by Saturday. Pre-match will have a practice run-through of both courses to make sure there's no confusion. Again, any other rules are open for discussion... any takers???
  16. If your connection is 100mbit then your upload speed is 100mbit If you mean how many kBYTES/sec should you get with a 100mbit connection (and I'm assuming your UPLOAD is also 100mbit [100mbit = 100,000 kilo bit], not just your download) then your upload speed is: 100,000 divided by 8 = 12,500 k/sec Which is about 12 megs per second... So if you really have a 100mbit upload speed, you should be able to upload an entire CD in under 1 minute flat.
  17. That sounds about right to me... at 256K upload limit, that's only 32k/sec max you can upload at... You NEED at LEAST 8k/sec per player, so at 4 players, you're maxed out. And I say need because for best results, I've found you should have about 15k/sec per player (in both directions)
  18. This is likely why most people are saying they like cable better; DSL in most parts of the world is slow compared to what Bell Sympatico offers. How much do you pay for that Verizon ADSL connection Outback? From Sympatico, we get 3Mbps/800K for $45/month (equals $30 american) Believe me, if you're choosing between Rogers and Sympatico, go with Sympatico.
  19. In this case, GO WITH BELL. The services they provide KICK ASS compared to Rogers'. Check out this press release from Bell... with this implemented (first 1/4 of 2k4) they pretty much klobber the competition... If you don't want to read the big article below, here's the blood and guts of it: Rogers: $45/month Not sure about downstream, 3Mbps I believe, but their upstream (upload) was just recently upgraded to 320Kbps (used to be 160 Kbps) Bell Sympatico: Normal: 45/month, 3Mbps downstream, 800kps upstream. Ultra: 60/month, 4Mbps downstream, 800kbps upstream. Also, keep in mind that although both companies claim no bandwidth restrictions, Rogers WILL cut you off if you are an "abuser". And they define "abuser" as the top 2 percent bandwidth users. This will change each month, but it usually boils down to don't download/upload more than 20 gigs per month. If you use Bell, you can download/upload 200gigs/month if you wish, and they will never reprimand you for it. It's DEFINITELY worth it to use Bell, if only for the 800Kbps upstream... that's about 100k/sec max upload speed; MUCH faster than you'll get with Rogers. If you like hosting game servers at all, Bell is your only answer. http://www.newswire.ca/en/releases/arch ... c3122.html http://www.broadbandreports.com/forum/r ... ~mode=flat
  20. yeah, perhaps... Although I figured that those with vid skillZ would also have the software and know-how to create a decent sound clip... No offense to any posters, but in all the other forums the types of questions asked imply that these people are lucky that they can turn on a computer, let alone install MTA. I just figured if I posted it in this forum, most people I'm talking to KNOW what to do... Feel free to move this post Mr. Moderators, but again I stick by my story that this is the best place
  21. |4:20| is going to be broadcasting a New Years Eve countdown/playlist and we need your help! We're looking for creative and funny "fake commercials" ala Vice City style to play between songs. We're also going to be giving away prizes for most original, funny, etc (although don't get your hopes up for anything very expensive Prizes will be awarded based on votes... the voting will take place during the first week of 2k4 - after the broadcast. So if you by chance have any "fake" radio commercials that you have created, or if you have some extra time on your hands and want to create something, drop on by our website for more information: http://clan420.ath.cx Also be sure to tune in NYE if you're near a computer that night... we'll be sure to entertain
  22. wow, this looks truly amazing!! Is it publically available yet? Where can I grab this script from? Also, if this is not publically available yet, do you need any beta testers??
  23. crUshed420

    Windows 98

    Holy crap, from telling me to STFU to speaking on behalf of the MTA team it's obvious you really think you run this place huh? Why don't you leave this adult work for the grown ups... snotty 12 year old boys are supposed to be playing baseball or spying on girls. And if you're not 12 years old, maybe stick to your school books cause your grammar and spelling need a lot of work. STFU yourself bud... off topic is better than filling our screens with YOUR useless drivel.
  24. hahahah, that's why I asked you what port you were running your server admin on, because you can't use the same port that your mta server is on. The DEFAULT port for the admin tool server is not 2003, that's the default port for the server itself. So yeah, your only problem was that you were trying to run both the server, and the admin tool server on 2003.
  25. Ponch, are you really from New Zealand?? If so, where? I visited there for 2 months last year and loved it! We did the northern most tip to the southern most tip, and almost everything inbetween!
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