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  1. Limited_man

    Free MTA hosting!

    Free MTA:SA hosting. -u wana free small/medium server -with us u can.start ur own server. If u wana know more u can check the website. = This website its new if u find bugs u can pm me. Enjoy
  2. Limited_man

    New with Linux

    howdy.i just hosted my server "RP" and i dont know why i cant connect with Mysql.i tired to put and lib in Modules but it didnt work on windows works. If u dont know how to help me i can give my PHP because anything i have there ist special
  3. Limited_man

    Miner in MTA

    i will try Thanks
  4. Limited_man

    Miner in MTA

    I wana do a server witch u can have admin or buy in game money just for staying in server. and wana know if can someone make a Miner im new in scripting and i maded one but doesent work good Any help??
  5. Limited_man

    Prezentare - Romania OneWars Roleplay

    esti scripter?
  6. Limited_man

    Prezentare - Romania OneWars Roleplay

    folosesti ceva script adica Owlgaming?
  7. Limited_man

    Prezentare - Romania OneWars Roleplay

    dar cum se numeste serverul tau?