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  1. I was wondering what happened there, lol. Only person I attacked on that server was some idiot who tried to jack me. There was no specification in the server name or in the motd of what was specifically allowed. Give vague details as to the rules and other people you arent looking forward to will join.
  2. I dont mind, lol, yer retarded is all
  3. Well, at the current moment, you cant even run trainers, as soon as you try and use one the game shuts down. Also, when I say a cheat server I don't mean everyone being godlike, I mean car mods at most... Modding cars is the funnest part of GTA VC or GTA 3. EDIT: Although, it would be nice to have god mode (or a LOT more health) in stunt with undamageable vehicles. Doing one damn jump and my car rolling over is not fun, then ya gotta run all the way back and wait for your car to respawn, that is if someone hasnt taken it.
  4. It would be excellent if they increase the reliability of the CRC checking, but allow the game to be started even with mods. With that setup the MTAClient could send out, maybe every 1 or 2 minutes, or even more often, a packet with the crc information. This way a server could be configured to allow or block modded clients. Everyone wins. Cheaters can have cheat servers, and Official servers can block modded clients.
  5. I run a server on my own comp to test my mods sometimes... Run Server Open Client connect to whatever port you have server set to (default is 2003) click start game and there ya go, connected to your own server
  6. there is only dedicated servers for MTA... this isnt like Unreal Tournament or other games, where you run the server in game. In your MTA folder there will be a server folder, just the server.exe in there and have your friends connect to you. If you're on a LAN then have them connect to the IP of your machine on that lan, like I have 2 comps on LAN here, so if I have a server running, the other computer would connect to me on hope that clears some things up
  7. I dont cheat to kill, I cheat to thrash around on stunt, which is a majority of what I play, trying to play DM sux. Cheating or not its next to impossible to kill someone who is moving. Someone standing still is still most often not even in the exact position they appear in. I've seen people in cars, who were supposedly stopped, keep drifting along. the people I do kill are the ones who steal my cars in stunt. If you crash yer bike, dont come running to me or I'll be running you over. I just want to drive around. Don't give me the whole line about "stealing is a part of the game". I know that
  8. Not sure whats worse, me cheating or your attitude problem KFG. You can flame me all you want cuz Im an admitted cheater. Im 1 out of however many hundred or so. Why cheat now? you can't go on a server without someone or even many people cheating. I usually play late night, so there's no one around monitoring servers, which more often than not ends up in a server of mild chaos. Its not fun to play fair in that situation. I'd like to see you try. MTA is a great mod but right now is as insecure as a convertable top down. If they do a good job with it and keep the servers clean i'll cheat on
  9. Master ban list, good idea, but... that debate has been done... 1: Vote Kick / Ban (server optional) Players would be able to moderate a server themselves when admins are asleep and not at the wheel of the server. Sure, this can be abused. I play Unreal Tournament 2003, and there are many servers with vote kick mods and these servers run very cleanly for getting rid of abusive people. 2: Client Side Damage Monitoring this would detect if the player had been hit. If the player is hit, and health does not drop, Vice City is forced to shut down, much like gtat. Gtat has very good cheat protec
  10. What they need to do is use some kind of exe compression tool to compress and obfuscate the data in the exe. This would prevent editing of the client.exe, making it much harder to reverse engineer or hex edit. For compressing the client.exe something like WWPack32 or a similar program. With this kind of program compression the data still is hard to manipulate in memory. Doing a memory dump on a compressed file to make it modable still is unreliable. These simple tricks would thwart a lot of cheats.
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