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    Welcome to SARS's official topic of 2018. Like many other existing communities in MTA, we as well created SARS with a goal. Our goal is to make a community where the players of the server can have a good time without being inappropriately treated by players or admins. Where an admin would be punished the same way as a player, and vice versa. In this server, equality between players and admins exist. Admins of the server are in charge of two things: dealing with players, their reports, and problems they encounter. They're also in charge of other duties such as dealing with housing requests, and gangs and groups management. Dealing with gang/groups levels, rewards, etc. Admins in the server found guilty of any kind of abuse of their ability will be kicked out the clan immediately. Player reports are dealt with differently. We punish some players differently than others. For example, if you're new to the server, and you broke a rule, you would be warned, and told to read the rules found by pressing F1. Other players, such as official gang members or official group members, already aware of the server rules will be disciplined in other ways such as being admin-jailed, kicked or banned from the server as their punishment if found guilty in the report. Online admins are on duty 24/7. If they witness anyone rulebreaking, they should take actions immediately. Any admin witnessed not doing their job can be reported via the report-system on the server. If you wish to contact an admin in-game, call one from the main-chat. Only if you have something important to speak about we will warp to you. Introducing the banks. This is where all of the player's money is stored when they log off the server or when they deposit all their money. They can visit any bank in Los Santos, San Fierro or Las Venturas in order to see what they've in their bank, or if they wish to deposit or withdraw a certain amount. They can also visit local ATMs, anywhere in the city. Click below to see the interior of the banks. Introducing the justice system. This is where criminals are sentenced when caught and arrested by police officers in the game. The maximum wanted level they can reach is 66. The seconds is based on how much wanted level you had at the time of the arrest. Criminals, don't worry. You have the ability to jail-break your friends out. But, please be very careful. Police wardens/and nearby local police units are advised as soon as you trespass into the prison area. Be on the lookout, police wardens will shoot on sight. There are spotlights activated as soon as you trespass into the prison area as you will be shown below. Criminals have to work their way around the prison area in order to get inside the building. They can either break the fence off the side, use a vehicle for a lift, or parachute from the Los Santos bank into the prison area. As soon as you have worked your way inside, you will make your way to the red door. When you get close enough, the red door will be triggered. You have to do the job quickly, as soon as the cops receive the message, there will be many spawning as Police Warden. That is the quickest police unit, trained to stop jail-breaks. Fight them off and work your way inside the building. If you have worked your way into the building, you will be in the room below. Make your way to the gate, wait patiently while it opens and continues. When you pass the first gate, there is going to be another gate you will have to open. The 2nd gate opens faster than the 1st one. After the 2nd gate, there will be a 3rd gate to the right, that gate won't be openable by jail-breakers. That is the gate the cops will go through it. You have to secure that gate with assistance and make sure you're not caught from there. Continue your way to the left, the 4th gate. When you go through the 4th gate, which opens extremely fast, wake your way to the 5th gate. When you reach the 5th's gate room, there will be two more ways you can enter. The left will be to jail-break criminals, and the right will be to visit criminals. Make your way to the left side gate, run all the way down to the end of the hall, you will see a grey gate and a red gate. To open the cells, and the red gate, you have to get inside the room to the left and work your way to the two red buttons to trigger the gates. As a civilian, you can do many things. There are many things to spawn as a Civilian. You can choose what profession you want to act as. There is many to choose from, such as Trucker, Pilot, Taxi Driver, Hobo, Limo Driver, Bus Driver, Mechanic, and so much more. As a Civilian, you do not get wanted level unless you attack other classes, or carry illegal weapons. As a Civilian, you have to play by the role you're spawned as. For example, if you're spawned as Trucker, and you're in an unknown city killing cops or randomly attacking criminals, you will be admin-jailed. As a Civilian you should always play as the profession you're spawned as. Introducing the criminal side on the server. They are many criminal spawns on the server. From arms dealer to drugs dealer, a pickpocket, carjacker, and a lot more. You can sell weapons, sell drugs, rob money from players, steal personal vehicles, and a lot more. From the image below, that is the main criminal activity of the server. It's called a store robbery. Many criminals/official gang members are there most o the times, waiting for cops to arrive to start a massive war between cops and criminals. You can be part of that. Choose what side you want to fight as. Blue or red. Introducing the server's official gangs. Each organization in the server prove themselves every day on the server, and they show who is the best of the best. They have turf wars, rob each others gang safes, and sometimes hosted by the server, gang war tournaments. Gang war tournaments are sometimes hosted by the server to prove which gang is the best. They also receive rewards from the gang war tournament. Introducing below all of the abilities you, together with your gang members can participate in as an official gang member of the server. Introducing bank robberies, gang robberies, turf wars, store robberies, and more. Introducing the bank-robbery system. Only Official Gangs of the server have access to robbing the banks. If you wish to become part of an Official Gang, you have to apply for them at This bank-robbery system is based on cracking the code. When the system keypad pops up upon you hovering over it, you will be given a random number. You have to work your way around to cracking that code. So for example, if the code is 50.000, the code of that number will be something in between. But it won't always be the same, it is randomized every time you open the keypad. So for you to know what number it is, you have to keep guessing out numbers, and you will know if you are close to the number because the keypad will notice you when the number is more or less, as it'll say: "HIGHER" or "LOWER." There are 5 doors in total. You have to get through 4 in order to reach the safe room. Inside the safe room, you will be able to crack the safes in order for your gang and people assisting the bank robbery to get rewarded. The safe room won't be shown below, that is something you've to discover in-game for yourself. Introducing the gang-robbery system for official gang members. Gang members have the ability to rob other gang's safes and take their gang money in order to earn money for their own gang. In order to gang rob, both gangs need to have $1M stored and have 3 online gang members to start the gang rob process. After that, you crack the code and go deliver the package for the money. In the other side, we also have the turfing system. It brings out gang members out into the open world. They fight together with other gang members in order to keep their territory or claim another. If your gang and gang members have what it takes to fight multiple gangs at once, come out into the open world. But keep your eyes open, you can get hit with anything anytime when you least expect it. Fight together with your Gang, and hold it down to get rewarded. If you lose, you can always try to take it back over and over. Work in progress. Forums: MTA:SA Server IP: mtasa://
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    Is sad seeing someone your age still acting the way you're acting. Anyhow, yes, I said if you have any evidence us using your scripts, then report us to MTA. Stop making false accusations, save your words and take the necessary actions you have to, of course, if you have proof of what you're accusing us with. This won't be one of those "WSS vs SAES" endless fighting & arguments you had with the WSS Server back in the day. "We wish all the luck," thank you, but you can save it for when you actually mean it. Because I too can make accusations of how SAES have stolen our ideas that ran in past SARS generations as well. But that won't be looked at, why? Because SARS doesn't have anyone from the MTA Team in the team to believe us, or actually follow up with what we say. You in the SAES Team do. All I ask of you is, stop replying in our topics. You and your SAES team members.
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    [HELP] admin spawn

    Capital A on "admin", everything else should be good
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    How to use table.sort & table.insert

    Toplist of what?
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    Problem with setElementData

    Give me the image below, and I'll write it down for you. Everything you've above is right and it should work. local screenW, screenH = guiGetScreenSize() addEventHandler("onClientRender", root, function() local zombieKills = tonumber(getElementData(localPlayer, "Zombie kills")) or 'None' dxDrawRectangle(screenW * 0.0454, screenH * 0.6263, screenW * 0.1691, screenH * 0.0404, tocolor(0, 0, 0, 155), false) dxDrawText("Zombie Kills: ".. zombieKills .."", screenW * 0.0527, screenH * 0.6406, screenW * 0.2072, screenH * 0.6536, tocolor(255, 255, 255, 255), 1.20, "clear", "center", "center", false, false, false, false, false) end) This code will draw a rectangle and a text showing the player's zombie kills. You can add a line to it with the dxDrawImage above, based on the player's zombie kills what image should it draw since that is what you want. So the player can know their rank by the number of zombie kills they've. Perhaps you can even make another line for dxDrawText to show the name of the rank as well. Here you go: If there's anything missing/bugging, let me know. Untested but this should work 100%. And it'll open up more possibilities. exports.scoreboard:addScoreboardColumn('Zombie kills') addEvent("onZombieWasted",true) addEventHandler("onZombieWasted", root, function(killer) givePlayerMoney(killer, 50) addPlayerZombieKills(killer) end) function addPlayerZombieKills(killer) if isElement(killer) then if getElementData(killer, "Zombie kills") then local zombieKills = tonumber(getElementData(killer, "Zombie kills")) setElementData(killer, "Zombie kills", zombieKills + 1) else setElementData(killer, "Zombie kills", 1) outputChatBox("'Zombie kills' stats are now being recorded on your account", killer, 0, 200, 0, false) end end end addEventHandler("onPlayerLogin", root, function(_, account) if isGuestAccount(account) then return end if getPlayerAccount(source) and getAccountData(account, "Zombie kills") then local zombieKills = getAccountData(account, "Zombie kills") if zombieKills then setElementData(source, "Zombie kills", tostring(zombieKills)) else setElementData(source, "Zombie kills", 0) outputChatBox("'Zombie kills' stats are now being recorded on your account", source, 0, 200, 0, false) end end end) function saveZombieData() if getPlayerAccount(source) then local account = getPlayerAccount(source) if getAccountData(account, "Zombie kills") then local zombieKills = tonumber(getElementData(source, "Zombie kills")) if zombieKills then setAccountData(account, "Zombie kills", zombieKills) end end end end addEventHandler("onPlayerQuit", root, saveZombieData) addEventHandler("onPlayerLogout", root, saveZombieData)
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    [HELP] comboBox - gridList - AccountData - ElementData

    I don't understand. Try to explain more of what it is you want and I'll write the script for you myself.
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    How to make this script?

    Make it so it gets saved on the element's data. (Show me your function on how the data is saved on players when they kill a zombie) local screenW, screenH = guiGetScreenSize() addEventHandler("onClientRender", root, function() local zombieKills = tonumber(getElementData(localPlayer, "zombieKills")) or 'None' dxDrawRectangle(screenW * 0.0454, screenH * 0.6263, screenW * 0.1691, screenH * 0.0404, tocolor(0, 0, 0, 155), false) dxDrawText("Zombie Kills: ".. zombieKills .."", screenW * 0.0527, screenH * 0.6406, screenW * 0.2072, screenH * 0.6536, tocolor(255, 255, 255, 255), 1.20, "clear", "center", "center", false, false, false, false, false) end)
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    [HELP] Teleport System

    teleport_s.lua addCommandHandler("gotobeach", function(player) if isElement(player) and not isPedDead(player) then setElementPosition(player, 343.20026, -1780.60388, 5.22299) outputChatBox("You have been successfully teleported to the beach.", player, 0, 200, 0, false) else outputChatBox("You must be alive in order to use this command.", player, 200, 0, 0, false) end end) meta.xml <meta> <script src="teleport_s.lua" type="server"/> </meta>
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    testing script

    addEventHandler("onClientPlayerWeaponFire", root, function(weapon, ammo, ammoInClip, hitX, hitY, hitZ, hitElement) if weapon == 38 and isElement(source) and isElement(hitElement) and getElementType(source) == "player" and getElementType(hitElement) == "vehicle" then local r, g, b = getVehicleColor(hitElement) outputChatBox("".. getVehicleName(hitElement) ..": ".. getPlayerName(source) ..", why you shooting me? :(", r, g, b) end end) (untested) but try that. Also, the only problem on your script was the capitalization on "V" when you wrote getElementType(hitElement) == "Vehicle" and for events like that, I don't think is necessary to add a name to it since you won't be calling it from anywhere.
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    [Release]thisdp's Dx GUI System

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    Help with dxDrawImage

    Add it on to your script. Client-side file. So it would be: function isPlayerInTeam(player, team) assert(isElement(player) and getElementType(player) == "player", "Bad argument 1 @ isPlayerInTeam [player expected, got " .. tostring(player) .. "]") assert((not team) or type(team) == "string" or (isElement(team) and getElementType(team) == "team"), "Bad argument 2 @ isPlayerInTeam [nil/string/team expected, got " .. tostring(team) .. "]") return getPlayerTeam(player) == (type(team) == "string" and getTeamFromName(team) or (type(team) == "userdata" and team or (getPlayerTeam(player) or true))) end local screenW, screenH = guiGetScreenSize() function teams_images () local team_mercenarios = isPlayerInTeam(source,"Mercenarios") if team_mercenarios then addEventHandler("onClientRender", root, drawTeamImage) end end addEventHandler("onClientPlayerSpawn", getLocalPlayer(),teams_images) function drawTeamImage() dxDrawImage(100, 100, 40,40,"mercenarios.png") end But you need to do something because this is suppose to be client-side and 'isPlayerInTeam' is a server-side event.
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    Help with dxDrawImage

    if team_mercenarios then addEventHandler("onClientRender", root, drawTeamImage) end function drawTeamImage() dxDrawImage(100, 100, 40,40,"mercenarios.png") end Then make it onClientPlayerWasted to remove the onClientRender event. Let me know if it works.
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    Bumped the topic.
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    [RPG]SAUG:RPG |3.5| [English]

    Everyone has their own opinion and their own point of view on how they see things. Doesn't give them the right to share their opinions whenever they feel they should, and especially when it isn't a positive one either. But hey, it's your opinion and I respect it. Not everyone is perfect, don't punish these guys for it. Stop by and see, and because you might not like something doesn't mean you should have a say on it. Move on.
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    We're still up and running on the same IP. Going to update this thread in a few days.
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    We are still up and running! Our activity seems to be back! Join now and play with us! Forums: MTA:SA Server IP: mtasa:// Our Discord channel:
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    "Server running on stolen scripts," funny how you talk without knowing the facts whatsoever. Anyhow, proving people wrong is what I'm known for. Name a script, multiple ones to satisfy you enough if you wish, and I'll show you the client and server code myself and you can do the comparison yourself to other servers.
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    Thank you, and I understand what you're trying to say. But unfortunately, when we created SARS, our intention wasn't for the server's name to be any similar to any other existing server. We were focused on what might reflect on the game-mode and gameplay itself. And how might it describe it as a name, so we came up with 'San Andreas' Response Services. And it matches the server, it's gamemode (RPG), etc.
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    Bump! Hey, guys! We are still up and running! Join us today and start playing with us now!
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    We are back! Server IP: mtasa://
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    Bump. Server still up and running.
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    That means element data "acc.accID" data doesn't exist. Please make sure you're giving us the right data name. Try this: local enableSkinForAccount = {[1] = {303}, [4] = {50}} addEventHandler("onElementModelChange", root, function(oldModel) if (getElementType(source) == "player") then local accountID = getElementData(source, "acc.accID") if accountID and enableSkinForAccount[accountID] then local newModel = enableSkinForAccount[accountID] if newModel and tonumber(newModel[1]) then setElementModel(source, newModel[1]) end else setElementModel(source, 0) end else setElementModel(source, oldModel) end end) If your model is changed to '0', then that's because "acc.accID" is returning nil. @TheMOG
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    local enableSkinForAccount = {[1] = {303}, [4] = {50}} addEventHandler("onElementModelChange", root, function(oldModel) if (getElementType(source) == "player") then local accountID = getElementData(source, "acc.accID") if accountID and enableSkinForAccount[accountID] then local newModel = enableSkinForAccount[accountID] if tonumber(newModel) then setElementModel(source, newModel[1]) end else setElementModel(source, oldModel) end end end) If accountID exists and found in the enableSkinForAccount table, then it'll set his new model (when element model change event is triggered) to the one set from the table. If accountID doesn't exist and isn't found in the table, it'll return his previous model.
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    Thank you :). We're doing everything we can to make the server better day by day. Currently we're working on new things such as an Ipad system, Interaction menu, etc. But thank you for the feedback.