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  1. https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/Custom_Train_Tracks
  2. Won't affect the server at all. Is pulling from a table with stored players in it. So if X amount of players in the table, same X amount gets pulled.
  3. local timeTable = {} local timePlayers = {} function startTimeStamp() if not timeTable[source] then timeTable[source] = {["hours"]=0,["minutes"]=0,["seconds"]=0} end table.insert(source, timePlayers) setElementData(source, "onlineTime", "0:0:0") end addEventHandler("onPlayerLogin", root, startTimeStamp) function deleteTimeStamp() if timeTable[source] then timeTable[source] = nil end for i, v in ipairs(timePlayers) do if source == v then table.remove(timePlayers, i) end end end addEventHandler("onPlayerLogout", root, deleteTimeStamp) addEventHandler("onPlayerQuit", root, deleteTimeStamp) setT
  4. You should run a timer to see how long a player stays on the server for and when the player quits to stop the timer.
  5. In addition: - If you don't see the image you recently uploaded, try refreshing by clicking the refresh button - Sometimes GUI editor bugs where it still shows the old image if the image was updated with the same name, you can just restart the resource in that case
  6. timerClient on client.Lua is not identified
  7. addEvent("createGui", true) function guiFunction() okno = guiCreateWindow(0.35, 0.26, 0.16, 0.45, "Praca GAZECIARZ", true) guiWindowSetSizable(okno, false) button = guiCreateButton(0.16, 0.56, 0.73, 0.39, "", true, okno) end function openGui() if not isElement(okno) then guiFunction() showCursor(true) guiSetInputMode("no_binds_when_editing") elseif isElement(okno) then guiSetVisible(okno, not guiGetVisible(okno)) showCursor(not isCursorShowing()) guiSetInputMode("no_binds_when_editing") end end addEventHandler("createGui", getRootElement(), openGui) local jobMarker = createMarker(-2442,
  8. SARS has been shutdown. We're currently working on something new. Join us at https://discord.gg/rGRwAZz to keep up with the process.
  9. Is sad seeing someone your age still acting the way you're acting. Anyhow, yes, I said if you have any evidence us using your scripts, then report us to MTA. Stop making false accusations, save your words and take the necessary actions you have to, of course, if you have proof of what you're accusing us with. This won't be one of those "WSS vs SAES" endless fighting & arguments you had with the WSS Server back in the day. "We wish all the luck," thank you, but you can save it for when you actually mean it. Because I too can make accusations of how SAES have stolen our ideas that ran in
  10. Bueno, Yo también hablo castellano, soy de Argentina. Voy a probar el script que me diste, y te aviso si funciona. 

  11. Capital A on "admin", everything else should be good
  12. Give me the image below, and I'll write it down for you. Everything you've above is right and it should work. local screenW, screenH = guiGetScreenSize() addEventHandler("onClientRender", root, function() local zombieKills = tonumber(getElementData(localPlayer, "Zombie kills")) or 'None' dxDrawRectangle(screenW * 0.0454, screenH * 0.6263, screenW * 0.1691, screenH * 0.0404, tocolor(0, 0, 0, 155), false) dxDrawText("Zombie Kills: ".. zombieKills .."", screenW * 0.0527, screenH * 0.6406, screenW * 0.2072, screenH * 0.6536, tocolor(255, 255, 255, 255), 1.20, "clear", "center", "center
  13. I don't understand. Try to explain more of what it is you want and I'll write the script for you myself.
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