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  1. damn, these looks nice all objects are default?
  2. Hello, so I got this Playtime script and problem is that it counts time only for 1player and I cant find any solution to it Server.lua
  3. I agree with people who say this is garbage, I played a bit and most of scripts are just made by OwlGaming, I dont quite see any originality in scripts. But worst part that noone is friendly in server
  4. there is no Event Handler https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/OnPlayerWasted
  5. If Accounts are in SQL, that means you might not enter right admin Username, so it can't give administrator permissions on login, try going to ACL.xml in Server and search for Admin group and see what accounts are in admins group.
  6. Hello, Today I started making my own turf (colshape) system for gangs to capture. But, I really confused in few things: I want make turf system with requiredMembers to Capture, for example bigger turf more player it needs. Also every player would have a timer, which it was in turf and if he dies or leaves the turf it decreases time from total capturing time, for example time is 4:31 and 1player leaves turf and it increases time to 5:01 and then he rushes back to turf and then it decreases time by 30seconds (time it was in turf) No Military vehicles like Hydra, SS, R
  7. It looks really great.
  8. Hello, I spent few hours trying to fix my code, but it didn't work for me CODE: (client) local skins = {7,124,69} addEvent( "PlayerCharacterSelection", true) local spawnPed = createPed ( 7, -1969.93103, 158.23845, 27.68750 , 180 ) local PedDimension = setElementDimension(spawnPed,2) setPedAnimation(spawnPed, "DANCING", "dnce_M_c") function setCameraOnClothes() setCameraMatrix( -1969.69775, 155.04910, 26.78750, -1970.17273, 162.80780, 29.77750) end addCommandHandler( "PlayerCharacterSelection", setCameraOnClothes) function pedRotateE ( ) local rotX, rotY, rotZ = getElemen
  9. So, basically I downloaded Drift Paradise project from github, and noticed some missing stuff, and I tried fixing it for a while but couldn't do anything. Problem is that I can't apply vinyls,decals on cars, many people told I need to unwrap UV but I don't know how to properly do it and tutorials don't really help in this case. any help would be appreciated.
  10. I noticed that few information links in User Interface says Owlgaming.com like this one:
  11. I just reinstalled MTA and fixed I had to delete 30gb of client files maybe it was to much so it couldnt load it
  12. Thanks for replying again! function Language.set(lang) if not lang then return false end if not Locales.isValid(lang) then return false end if currentLanguage then Locales.unload(currentLanguage) end Locales.load(lang) currentLanguage = lang triggerEvent("dpLang.languageChanged", root, currentLanguage) return true end Problem is with me not script because for others it downloads it but for me it just doesnt download .json I really don't know how fix I tried deleting client files but nothing
  13. So hello few days ago language script started not loading languages JSON linter says it's fine but people said that it can't be loaded in Lua. I tried iprint and it says empty brackets or BAD JSON as shown somewhere in code If anyone could help It would make my day CODE:
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