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  1. [Help]

    still same problem maybe gangs or groups are bad?
  2. [Help]

  3. [Help]

    Hello, so i have manve112 turf script and when i capture the turf the color it becomes are 100% full black i want to make it 50% or lower that i could see that area in map or minimap so what to do that it would be 30-50% alpha or whatever it called Thanks.
  4. [REL] New zombie-infested area script

    well i would recommend making zombies hit you for few damage + when they kill me they cut my head so i cant respawn i always die
  5. [REL] New zombie-infested area script

    Nice gonna check it out! Is this script located in other dimension?
  6. [HELP]with MySql

    Ok thanks
  7. [English]JSeries[Race|RPG|Sandbox]

    Very nice server but you don't need money to make your car go faster i made max grip and it cost me 0$ pretty realistic
  8. [GangWar] Imperial Network [English]

    Well, i registered killed 12people and reconnected and where did my account disapear server is very good but i cant play where login doesnt save for me
  9. [HELP]with MySql

    Hello i have problem with mysql it always says Unable to connect with database. Please contact Developer. well my website works well with the same mysql database it shows many tables but mta something isn't right local connection = nil addEventHandler("onResourceStart",resourceRoot,function(resource) connection = dbConnect("mysql","dbname=s397;;port=36517;","s397","j1BUEwHKZ") if connection then outputDebugString(getResourceName(resource) .. " : connected to database.") return true else outputDebugString(getResourceName(resource) .. " : Unable to connect with database. Please contact Developer.") return false end end ) i tried many things changing password going to forums or mta wiki and i couldn't find anything everything would make same thing
  10. Need help ASAP (map)

    Can you access to server FTP ? if yes you can get it from ftp or start editor and save it to server folder from ftp and then from ftp downlosad to your pc
  11. [Help]With

    Hello I need your help first i want to disable tank invulnerable and make it misiles go like rpg or smth like that it would be visible because original is instant explode Next thing i need help is with tanks or something like that kill people fast and make it like every kill or if explosion touches two people and they die it would -25hp from tank or other if players on(glued) or in one car when tank explodes them it will only -25hp from tank and last thing car repair i have script but i have two problems 1.when driver types rp or repair it fixes the car but passenger gets -500 also(price for repair) or reverse 2.i want to disable rp or repair with tanks and etc code: function rp (thePlayer) local money = getPlayerMoney ( thePlayer ) local vehicle = getPedOccupiedVehicle ( thePlayer ) if ( not vehicle ) then outputChatBox( "Wait..You want to fix your foot?", thePlayer, 255, 0, 0, true ) return end if ( money >= 500 ) then takePlayerMoney( thePlayer, 500) fixVehicle( vehicle ) outputChatBox ( "Your Car fixed for 500$", thePlayer, 0, 255, 0, true ) else outputChatBox ( "Too poor for repair!", thePlayer, 255, 0, 0, true ) endend addCommandHandler ("rp" , rp) Thanks
  12. (question)about logout

    If i have login gui and i want to do that the second player do /logout it like transfer to login panel him again or make new login system that logins to some kind another login that would not be able to logout of example: i have account admin pass admin and acl user is admin pass admin my login would not log to acl user that lets logout Any links?
  13. Hello , Is it possible to disable map hud in interiors if yes if there's any tutorials or links or resources to disable it in interiors any help will be appreciated!!! Thanks!
  14. Does not enter the servers!!!

    Can you join other servers? Or this with every server? Можете ли вы присоединиться к другим серверам? Или это с каждым сервером?
  15. Does not enter the servers!!!

    Are you sure you are using internet connection that has mb or gb left maybe you have 0gb and it cant connect or you are running to much programs try downloading anti-virus maybe you have viruses or something with pc components "Вы уверены, что используете интернет-соединение, у которого есть mb или gb, возможно, у вас есть 0gb, и он не может подключиться Или вы используете много программ Попробуйте скачать антивирус, возможно, у вас есть вирусы Или что-то с компонентами ПК"