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  1. Hello guys, i've been facing this problem since 1 month. My issue was when i connect to FFS server just exactly after 15-20 seconds i get timeout with an Error "Connection with the server has lost" it was for around 20 days but someone suggested me to use a bat cmd file name was "servicing.bat" something like that. The person who mentioned this for a guy having the similar problem like me. It worked for him but didn't work for me. I tried resetting router, refreshing windows, even changed my hard drive and reinstalled everything but same issue. Its only happening with FFS and i can join normal
  2. I Already mentioned my skype id: zain.sadar1 but no one yet contact me
  3. Hello everyone, i'm looking for a cheap or free scriptor because i can't pay him much but i only need some simple scripts that scriptor can make for me, i can pay some. I'm looking for a scriptor who can also help me with running a server. I mean, who can give some good ideas and advices that players would love my server. The gamemode is freeroam! I have no idea what kind of scripts should be done on my freeroam that's why i need a expert. I just want a simple freeroam with simple fun scripts. skype: zain.sadar1 My Facebook Forgive me, if i've wrote something wrong.
  4. Hello everyone, my problem is i've buy a VPS for opening a MTA server but i cannot open the default gateway ip on the address bar to open the internet router for opening my server ports. I've tried with firewall to open ports in inbound and outbound but when i check ports they are closed. Is there any way? without opening router how i am suppose to open ports? I would be very thankful if someone can figure out, if anyone of you had VPS for MTA can help me?
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