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  1. Clon servers

    staff asslick for admin + lairs omg haha mtasa:// this the main and has opened since 2017 and majd scammer + betrayed then he's saying to ppl i'm scammer lol dude
  2. Help for script.

    check wiki https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/Scripting_Introduction
  3. MySQL Serial

    urban fixed it for u , it's will work , thx urban :v i forget it , bcs i was typing too faster
  4. MySQL Serial

    function getPserial (player,cmd) local serial = getPlayerSerial(player) local db = dbPoll( dbQuery(connection,"SELECT * FROM accounts WHERE serial = ?", serial), -1 ) for i, row (db) do return outputChatBox("Serial Found") end return outputChatBox("Serial Not Found") end addCommandHandler("getserial") this will work , try it
  5. [Help]Admin Panel MYSQL

    A shared script ?? wooow is it's open source from CSG Owner ? No , so it's stolen resources or leaked
  6. [REL]Drone

    nice work
  7. [RPG/Multimode] SAEG:RPG 1.0 [ENGLISH]

    Ye leaked come visit us now and see if leaked or no ofc stolen from you or .......
  8. [RPG] SAEG:RPG [English]

    leaked from your ass i think go check SAEG then say that stuff
  9. Mta sa server

    ok ok ty
  10. Mta sa server

    restarting server will make nothing different because after some hours and when much players enter server the lag and cpu usage will back to same so i buy new powerfull vps ?
  11. Mta sa server

    if my scripts using much cpu usage and i can't fix it ! , what should i do ?? should i buy new vps ??? if yes ! suggest me good vps hosting
  12. function sendMessageToAdmins(msg) for i, admin in pairs (getElementsByType("player")) do if getElementData (admin, "Admin") then outputChatBox ("ADMIN Message: ".. msg, admin) end end end
  13. scoreboard Question

    lol man i'm not unwilling to learn :v Hhhhh i just want know where parts of colors in scoreboard and i'll do it by my self ... i know all scripting rules so no need to start talking like that -___- if you will say to me where parts colors in scoreboard tell me if you won't np .. i'm sure there some one know where parts color in scoreboard i'll say it once again i can do it by my self but i just want know where is the part of colors in scoreboard nothing more .. i won't any one give me code or somthing like that
  14. scoreboard Question

    ..... i know that ! but i asked about somthing idk even where the part of colors in scoreboard hard to edit not your own script and all know that sir
  15. scoreboard Question

    ye i know but where i have to edit becuase i'm scared if i try to fix it then i f**k it