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  1. Our forums are back online and public, register and share your creative mind!
  2. A few months ago we decided to set up a project called Countryside RP (CRP). I am theoretically the founder of the whole project, but in my opinion the current staff are all founders of the project, there would not be a project without them. We have been managing the forums, discord channel and some small features since the creation date. We also started sculpting the server, I can tell you it is fun to do but might be quite boring sometimes. Besides the history and all, I will tell you a few things about the project. The server of Countyside RP is based in the area of San Andreas County; most likely Red County, Bone County and Flint County. Tierra Robada County and Whetstone County are included as well. All towns and counties are connected between town halls, all town halls are working under the San Andreas County Government. The Sheriff's Department and Fire Department take care of protection, emergency medical services and fire. There are many things to do, for example: go fishing, work for the postal delivery or go clean some streets. Hang out with your friends, marry your dear fiance(e) or create a faction which might turn out into a well-based company. You can make your own choices: live under a bridge with your homeless mates or focus on making career and enjoying the happy-family feeling. We are currently working with a free server and free forums, which will change in the future when we are nearby the grand opening. We would like to see you on our forums to help us to improve the project on the field of development or administration, suggestions and criticism is welcome. We are also looking for people to support us on the field of administration, factions, management and development. Do not hestitate to contact me on discord or the forums if you are interested! You might want to take a look on our forums or join our Discord server, you can contact us from here or just PM me. Pictures might come soon, we just wanted to tell you something about the project. The grand opening, as we call it, is far away, but we will keep you posted about the latest updates. Enjoy your time on MTA, peace out! Cronus, Community Manager Sipapi, Assistant Community Manager Emma, Head of Staff Mike, Head of Factions Blueline, Head of Administrational Affairs
  3. Hey, samen met enig wat vrienden ben ik met een roleplay project bezig. Hier kan je wat meer informatie vinden over het project (als je natuurlijk interesse hebt). Wij zijn daarnaast ook nog opzoek naar mensen die ons kunnen helpen met het beheren, updaten, scripten en verzorgen van het project en later ook de server. Zoals in het andere topic vernoemd staat is de openingsdatum nog ver weg, toch zijn we dagelijks bezig om verder te komen. Heb je nou interesse om ons op een mogelijke manier te helpen met jouw vaardigheden? Contacteer mij op discord, ons forum of PM me hierop. Iedereen zijn mening, ideeën en kritiek is welkom en gerespecteerd. Ook voor vragen ben je altijd welkom. Peace out.