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  1. I Honestly didn't think I'd see this released. Congrats MTA on all of the work over the years.
  2. Thanks for the information, I look forward to seeing it. Is there a quick and easy way to fake it on the client side? If someone could provide a little example that would be great.
  3. I was just wondering if there were any updates to editing the car handling. The only thing I found about it was this thread: viewtopic.php?f=69&t=20461&st=0&sk=t&sd=a&hilit=handling which states that it isn't possible yet but would be added later. I just wanted to know if someone figured out a way to write a script to change the vehicle properites or not or if there is a way to import the files.
  4. bman212121

    Your MTA History!

    I think this is a pretty fitting thread to post into. My last login was Febuary 2nd, 2006 so I guess I need to read the new forum rules since they appeared to have changed shortly after my last login. I've been following MTA since the Vice City days of version 0.1. I've played every one of their releases including the GTAIII ones way back in the day. I remember using mods on the first version of vice city and being able to use that silly cheese wedge car and drive at my friends and make them fly into the air. Version 0.3 I believe was the first one to make it so you couldn't mod the game
  5. Yup, I forgot the "technical" term for it. I could definately see 8 ppl in a bus, then all of a sudden a rpg come out of no where, and all you see is: Player killed **** Player killed **** Player killed **** Player killed **** Player killed **** Player killed **** I would love to see free aim for passengers as well, as [iON]Leviathan suggested.
  6. Yup, I forgot the "technical" term for it. I could definately see 8 ppl in a bus, then all of a sudden a rpg come out of no where, and all you see is: Player killed **** Player killed **** Player killed **** Player killed **** Player killed **** Player killed **** I would love to see free aim for passengers as well, as [iON]Leviathan suggested.
  7. My suggestion for the Dm is: Being able to do drive by's with all passengers in the vehicle with the ability to shoot! It would be even sweeter if you could make seats in the back of a vehicle (like a bobcat) so that you can shoot rocket launchers or w/e you wanted too.
  8. Actually more like 1/120th but who's counting. What I was referring to is if you compare it to the amount of time spent working on mta before creating blue, which was 2 - 3x the amount of time.
  9. You can hold down alt and press tab a certain amount of times for it to switch back to MTA and bring back focus. Yea, I was able to do that, but silly me as I launched the game with several programs still running, so I couldn't figure out which one was the right one. Also, don't ctrl alt del either, I think that really made it mad when I tried doing that.
  10. I would have to say that I disagree with several things. First off, a lot of the things that you talked about in your first paragraph CAN be easily fixed. All of the maps that are on servers right now are just ones that were made by the QA team. You can easily go into the map editor and make a map to suit your style. Second, If you read the blog, you should have known that it was going to be race only for like the past month now, so it shouldn't have been a shocker. As for the respawn thing, that is an issue that can be adjusted in the future, but for right now it is a minor issue that we w
  11. Here is my suggestion to ppl with v2.0. I have no clue whether this will work or not, but it may: If you get a no-cd patch that is for v1.0, you should be able to start the game just the same and it will come up as v1.0. Like I said, I am not sure how SA works entirely, but I know that in Vice all they patch did was change some code in the exe and none of the game files. All I can say is it is worth a go to see if that works or not. Disclaimer: Just remember that MTA can't guarentee anything with a no-cd patch, so your on your own if your game is patched. Figured I would throw that in there s
  12. I will open up a thread for this, as I know that it is already been a little bit annoying so far. It is nice that mta only allows a person to vote once every so often, but it will allow back to back voting from different people. When your in the middle of a race, anyone who has died will try to switch the map, not letting anyone try to finish the race. It's quite annoying having to vote no every 20 seconds so that you can continue on with the race. Next Suggestion, maybe a time limit in a future version for the freeroam type games. (Perticular flying heli's, when everyone just flys around for
  13. It would still be nice to alt tab. I had people that I wanted to chat with quick while I was dead in the game, and couldn't. Also, I wanted to set the affinaty on processor, and wasn't able to alt tab to do that either. Only thing that I did notice is that right now if you try to alt tab, windows will bring up the switcher, and what happens is the mta console isn't focused right and you can't use the mouse.
  14. Then you better whip out a rocket launcher and end it fast. Yea, i prolly was late, i didn't read all 6 pgs.
  15. It's been a while for me. Great to see the changes, ie. BLUE. I look forward to the release as i've seen great improvements from the MTA team. (I've been watching mta from v1, and usually stop in to see the new versions.(Great work MTA)) I would like to point out that mta is JUST a game! It seems near impossible to allow pausing w/o abuse. Most people are fine with not being able to pause and can live with dying if something comes up( at least my experince in multiplayer games). But i know there are some di-hard MTA fans who would and should be able to find a safe place if they absolutely hav
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