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  1. I'm adding a new note to my sig. Don't ask me for Help with MTA. Here's the convo.
  2. ^^^ Winner. Now a program like GetRight (make sure to input the serial before installing, or you get adware) will use multiple mirrors to split up the file into bits, and download multiple bits at once in order to speed it up, if you have the speed to handle that. I don't have enough download to need it, 500kbit/128kbit.
  3. T2k2

    GTA2 on 3

    The host ran out of money, and i am way too lazy to change the page. Sorry.
  4. Closing Link: afldjfla[65.201.122.x] (User is permanently banned (Open Proxy found on your host.)) Closing Link: afldjfla[x.pooles.rima-tde.net] (User is permanently banned (Open Proxy found on your host.))
  5. T2k2

    GTA2 on 3

    Yeah, really, I'm sorry you don't appreciate the fucking freedom of speach that the soldiers in the Revolutionary war have given us, and the fact that we were a large part (via lend-lease) of stopping hitler from taking over the fucking planet. I'm also sorry that you can't Heil anymore, and that millions of jews were liberated from concentration camps. I'm sure we can find some NeoNazi's to roast your body if you so desire. EDIT: i know that guy probably isn't american and therefore is anti-freedom and pro-dictator and pro-gettingrapedintheassbyhitler and stuff...
  6. WINNER. The point is, join the eff. http://www.eff.org They've been around since 1991, and this petition HASNT. Who wins here?
  7. I didn't send you a naked pic of me. That's CERBERA. HOSTED ON HIS SITE. HE TOOK DOWN THE NUDIE!!!! OMG!
  8. T2k2

    GTA2 on 3

    as soon as i figure out how to do that, you'll be set. edit: i figured out how to do it.
  9. T2k2

    GTA2 on 3

    http://mods.moddb.com/2315/ We've got a MODDb section, and i'm learning C++ soon, web page shit now, and i'm going to be helping out a lot more on the project le soon. We're getting stuff going. Don't think we forgot.
  10. And if you want to see cerb not wearing a shirt... That's him, check out where its hosted http://cerbera.daves-hosting.co.uk/gene ... cerbie.JPG Please cerb. Put the naked pic back up. I miss it. BTW when you finish this you have to join my mod.
  11. T2k2


    There is a mod thats called Stairway to Donald Love's Roof. Yes. and the place up there really kinds sucks after you're there for 5 seconds. Don't worry about it.
  12. Here's a screenshot from the GTA1 multiplayer window. look. Liberty City, Vice City, San Andreas. Learn people, Learn. Iggy: GTA3 didn't have 3 citys. GTA3 had Portland, Staunton Island, and Shoreside Vale.
  13. p pe pen pen0 pen0r pen0r! pen0r! B pen0r! Bl pen0r! Bla pen0r! Blas pen0r! Blast pen0r! Blasta Blasta. Your problems are silly, the forums are at 800x600. Maybe someone has a really wide sig?
  14. T2k2

    will u help me again

    yo im fat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i remember you. i don't think we liked you much. if at all. leave?
  15. T2k2

    GTA2 on 3

    What, this isn't active enough for you? I'm going to need to add you to msn and stuff
  16. I was here in the beginning. I plan to be here for the long run. Multi Theft Auto is my GTA3 and Vice multiplayer mod of choice
  17. T2k2

    I'm back!

    It's not canceled. And I remember now that I love you guys, I did, but was going through some SERIOUS sheet at gtaf. GTAF has some pretty stupid mods. I thought you guys were bad Anyway, That new kcows gives me hope for the project. I'm going to be getting yet another new system soon, and its going to be pleanty powerful enough to do this. I'm trying to round up the gang, aka Ghost, Vid Meth. I've decided that it's just fucking time. AM I RIGHT?
  18. T2k2

    Stolen case

    this is why i ... lock my pc with lots of passwords... nothing possible to do. and i make sure my pc look like shit, not the shit, just shit. that way no problem.
  19. T2k2

    GTA2 on 3

    You couldn't get gta2 running? heres some help. Go to http://www.gta2.com, and click the time thats correct (todays date), and click PATCH. that'll let it work on xp. Happy "KILLING SPREE"! gta2.com doesn't work! Yeah, they pulled it. http://www.rockstargames.com/gta2/ that works. same thing. EDIT: i mean http://www.take2games.com/modules/gta2/intro.html
  20. T2k2

    I'm back!

    Did yah miss me? OH YEAH! How's copy machine doing? And mr bill, the coolest man alive, is he still around? I know copy machine is, he's still in blasta. What's up, yo?
  21. T2k2

    GTA2 on 3

    I just wanted yall to know, i'm still working on this stuff. I know theres been very little updates, but hey, this stuff isn't easy. Guys? Hello? Are you still there? Official BLASTA! Oh, look at my join date, why don't you?
  22. Gangs on GTAForums have their Own Group, such as a special name under your photo or whatever. Make mine say B.L.A.S.T.A. and i'll be fine with the gang
  23. I'm already in, even though I don't want to be. Also, be on the lookout for new BLASTA info tomorrow at around 6 pm est...
  24. It's like the energizer bunny. It keeps going and going... Until you linked to a site which don't exist. http://www.svtperformance.com/forums/sh ... adid=37993 is the last one before it links to a deadsite.
  25. Probably other msn sesions that where going on at that time. Definately MSN sessions, especially due to the fact that we were talking on AOL INSTANT MESSANGER!
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