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  1. so this gamemode its not selling id like to buy this gamemode plizzz pm for me
  2. Hello, I bought this gamemode from the owner, but these gamemode are not managed by the admin-system. Promises promising to help bring everything together but has not helped
  3. Clay

    vice city map

    hi all aim to problem for vice city map its not load very is problem ?
  4. Clay

    error account

    hello please help ERROR: account-manager/s_accounts.lua:172: attempt to call global 'passwordVerify' (a nil value)
  5. Is it possible to purchase this Gamemode because I understood that this project is dead?
  6. Hello Would like to get into the legacy roleplay gamemode if there is a request to contact through pm
  7. @CodyJ(L) : I just ask if is possible to make the same distance as spoiler #2?
  8. hello guys have problem i do not understand or its distance problem Spoiler 2 its not my server Spoiler 1 its my server
  9. Do not a possibility of vice city map other place ? Example on the water or any normal place somewhere other than at the up example here?
  10. What would this shader? maybe there is someone you used a ready-made?
  11. The problem is that when the lights do not work on the road using a vice city map? The light of the lamp is not on the road
  12. hi all I come with the problem of how to improve the vice city map fps to 60? When I switch on my map shows only 25 fps
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