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  1. I tried that actually but it's not as stable as attachElements. Do you have any other ideas? Afaik, i can't disable the ability to pick up the pickups, so if i can't find another solution, i might recreate the script, create the pickups as objects, disable the collisions and rotate it to create the illusion of the pickup.
  2. The problem is that no matter what i do, i can't get the pickup to attach to the player. The pickup is created but it doesn't attach before i change my skin. And is there a way to disable to pick up the pickups? because whenever they are created, they are consumed by the player. (The pickup is too close to the player upon the attachment and thus is consumed by the player upon attachment) local pickup = {} addEvent("createPickup",true) addEventHandler("createPickup",root, function (client, icon) if isElement(pickup[client]) then destroyElement(pickup[client]) end lo
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