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  1. dusty

    phpMTAS release

    that's cool.. is the server logging any better now? i haven't messed with it since i last worked on phpmtas (which was a long time ago) and i know there were a few bugs then. any new information in the log file?
  2. dusty

    phpMTAS release

    people still trying to use this thing?
  3. Well Bob, the story behind my lack of updates for my stats script is pretty much being swamped at work.. I just didn't have time to do it anymore, I didn't have time to maintain my server anymore and I could think of better things to do with $200+ a month instead of paying for a server I didn't use much. I wouldn't mind tinkering with the script some to get it running again in the latest version whenever I get a chance if someone would like to donate some web space. I have a domain for the script that I planned on using (I believe it was mtastats.com, but I'd have to double check). I'd prefe
  4. http://mta.tyyy.org/dev is up, i haven't been around for the last few releases of mta, so i'm not sure how well the script will work. if you spot any problems just let me know.
  5. heh, i released this last october.. my example stats are up at http://mta.tyyy.org you can google phpmtas and find some more sites. i haven't had time to work on it lately so i have no idea how well it works with 0.3 if you have it installed now, i fixed a couple of bugs. you can get the updated files here: http://mta.tyyy.org/dev/update/1.0.beta_2.0/query.txt http://mta.tyyy.org/dev/update/1.0.beta ... ctions.txt just delete query.php and functions.php and rename *.txt to *.php. they've also been repacked.
  6. like what? there will be newer versions as i keep it up to date with new mta releases, but i didn't think there was much else to add to it..
  7. updated to work with 0.3, get it @ http://mta.tyyy.org/dev/
  8. i shut my server down awhile back, i was just too busy to keep it up.. so my stats page is up as an example of what it should look like only. i have no idea if it works with 0.3, i haven't even had time to download 0.3 myself.. so i cannot really provide much support for that.
  9. alright, it's back up rob i was trying to get rdns on that vhost and forgot to setup the website again
  10. sorry guys, i didn't realize that my domain had expired, i renewed it so everything should work ok now
  11. http://dus.tyyy.org/snapshot1.png
  12. i don't think there will be a later version..what else could be done?
  13. in a proper install there shouldn't be any mysql errors, http://city.nwg-nv.ru/mta is a site that i found that uses 2.0 and works fine. mine is installed using the update from beta to 2.0 and works fine. it is still possible that you have errors, i code on this every now and then when i get a chance, and not alot of testing goes into it before a release. if it works on my server, then i release it. originally i didn't plan on releasing anything to the public, but i will still try to give support when needed.
  14. if only you used my stats script, all of your logs would be backed up ;p
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